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    Thanks Jliu and Jeff-We are staying positive and living each day. This weekend Dave felt really good and we really enjoyed just being together. Jeff did you have live mets too? Did you have a resection? They told Dave surgery was not an option, even at Mayo Clinic. We hope the Chemo will shrink his tumors. Hope to catch one of you on-line some time. Thanks again for your posts.


    Hi Pederat, Sounds kinda similar to my CC. I’ll start checking the live chat when I come on in the future. I haven’t been able to catch anyone yet. Like you saud the doctors have been wrong before and will be again. I’ve been battlling this thorn in the side for 8 Years , 2 months, and 4 days and still around. Like Jules said it’s positive attitude. Think of living not dying. Stay ahead of the game when you can and advocate what you know will help or when you know something is not helping. The Oncology world is so over whelmed you almost have to be a nurse (no punt intended) to keep up with the doc’s oders and changes. Tell Dave to take that big ole bull by the horns and give it a go! Sorry for the bad news but now is the time to get going and do what you need to keep on living. Sorry If I sound so bold and forthcoming, but I haven’t seen anyone beat this CC who just layed around and only did the half step. Yes there will be a roller coaster ride ahead. Some do great others not so great, but you’ll never know if you don’t give it a whirl. Attitude, diet, exercise, and a good nights sleep each and every night is a must. Chat with you sometime in the near future. Bless you Both.
    Jeff G.


    Dear Pederat,

    Really understand your situation and wish you and Dave all the best. While CC is a very ugly disease, but I have found out that you need to remain very positive and give your husband the best possible support. My father is going through the same thing, he was diagnosed last June and underwent resection, however had recurrence about 5 months later. He is currently undergoing Chemo and we are hoping and praying for the best each day.

    I hope that your husband will pull through, and this is a good website to get any advice needed. I believe getting through the diagnosis nightmare and then starting treatment is a difficult process, but need to really hope for the best.


    Hello-no one is here for live chat so I am leaving a message.
    My husband Dave was diagnosed with bile duct adenocarcinoma with extensive liver involvement at the end of March. he had never been sick a day in his life. He is 64. He didn’t even have a doctor and had never been on any medication. He was feeling fatigued and no appetite and he got a doctor and his calcium level was very high so he was hospitalized where they took CT scan that showed liver tumor. They couldn’t tell where the primary site was as they didn’t get enough tissue. We went to Mayo clinic as I had researched on line and found out about their transplant program but his cancer was too advanced for a transplant. They said chemo was the only appropriate treatment to prolong his life but that prognosis was poor. He has had the most trouble with the hypercalcemia and has been hospitalized a few times for that as it is very dangerous. I am a nurse and so they put in a port-a-cath so he can have IV hydration 5 days a week at home to keep the calcium down. They also gave him calcitonin. We are so shocked with all of this as we were just getting ready to retire and enjoy traveling together etc. We just can’t believe he could live as little as 6 months. We are trying to remain optomistic and just believe the docs are wrong and that he can beat this. The worst part is we have only been together a few years even though we have know each other for 30 years. My first husband died of lung cancer. talk about bad karma. Hope to find some of you hear to chat sometime in the future. Sorry about the long email but I wanted to tell our story.

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