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    What wonderful news for you and your family! I believe this is an answer to the many prayers made in your behalf.

    You and yours will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!



    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for giving us an update and for sharing your news with us all. Hopefully the angiogram goes well for you tomorrow and I am keeping my fingers crossed that your new treatment works well for you!

    My best wishes and a ton of positive thoughts to you,



    Congratulations on getting the new treatment plan, Mr. Rick. The fact that it gives you hope gives me hope, too, as I am set to receive similar treatments. I go in for mapping on the 28th, to be followed, hopefully with microsphere radioembolization on August 11. God be with you and me, too! God knows you deserve this new hope after recent events.



    Rick….Your feelings of hope transcends to us also. This is great news especially; I am thrilled to hear that the mets are not visible anymore. And, your stent is continuing to work well. I am crossing my fingers for a clean angiogram tomorrow and although, we will miss you much for the next seven days the reasons for your absence are well understood and supported.
    Tons and tons of good wishes are coming your way,


    Good luck, Rick!!!
    Great news for you, and a good update overall on your situation.
    Your experiences are always well- explained and very instructional. May it all go well and lead to more good news in the future!!
    p.s. who is your main doc at Mayo???



    I’ve spent most of the last week at Mayo Clinic getting checkups, having stents replaced, and discussing treatments. It was discussed that I would try Theraspheres radioembolization and I am having the planning angiogram for this tomorrow. As long as that looks good after they map out the blood vessels then they will order the theraspheres and in about 2 weeks I will return for the first treatment. There have been some promising results of this treatment. Curious enough, they call this a form of brachytherapy which I thought was entirely different. There have been instances where patients have seen 100% tumor necrosis with this therapy so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Of course I know I still have mets in the abdomen and possibly an enlarged lymph node but we aren’t sure that is from cancer or from my PSC.

    At any rate, I am excited for a new route of treatment. It gives me some new hope, and I really needed that. In other news, my stents looked great and really didn’t need to be changed out so the plan now is to just wait until they become problematic/symptomatic before I have another change as opposed to having pre-emptive scheduled changes. My CT scan showed mostly stable disease but the primary tumor grew about 2 millimeters – not enough to be super significant but it does suggest that maybe the new chemo isn’t being effective. We have it give it a little bit more time to work though to be sure. And we know it is effective against the mets because those are no longer showing up on scans so I will continue to take the Xeloda even if the Theraspheres kill off the primary tumor.

    That’s about it for me. Tomorrow morning is my planning angiogram and then I have to stay in town for a day in case I develop a bleed. Then I finally get to go home – it will have been 7 days out of town total.


Viewing 6 posts - 76 through 81 (of 81 total)
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