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    Hercules…(what a befitting screen name you have) already you are contributing greatly. Congratulations and keep on counting for yourself and all others touched by this disease.


    And also Julie…. Live your life NOW not tomorrow, our future is uncertain, mine, yours, the 93 year old woman I help often, we live a life with no real long term plan. After my surgery when I was where you are Julie I went on what I felt was the vacation of a lifetime, I wanted to see a south pacific island type paradise so I went to Bora Bora with my ex wife , and had a wonderful time. I did many things I realized I had not done, experiences I had not lived, and I can honestly say I lived the best years of my life in the last 9 . Make short term plans for now. As you feel well enough , take that trip, get that puppy, live your life now. Do it, ( voice of experience ) Pat


    Oh iowa girl, I have asked for a thousand tomorrows one at a time. When those were all gone, I asked for a thousand more, one at a time. I’m currently working on my third thousand. Hey, this system works…. Pat


    Pat…I am one of “those” who you inspire. I have finished my surgery (Feb 2014) and adjuvant chemo (Aug 2014). Now, life begins again. There will always be CC hanging over our heads, but what I’ve discovered is that there is a whole lot of life to experience and I’m not waiting to see if the CC comes back or not. It’s time to move on….pull myself out of the blue funk and get on with things. Here to hoping that when you’re celebrating your 14th year CC free…..I will be raising my glass to celebrate 5 years of CC free.

    Julie T.


    Lainy, yes I did see your response which was positive and energetic as most your replies are, thank you as always.Gavin you too are always upbeat and positive, thank you as well. So many things have changed and evolved in my life since 05′, time has passed swiftly. I began sponsoring others with cc at about 5 years out , through different support groups in my area. All were women, all were resection patients, 4 different hopeful people who I cheered on and gave them my best support and hopeful encouragement and did not have any of my people do well. I am not sure why god has given me so much and I want so much to have someone I support on this personal level do well with me.It has proven one of the toughest things I have faced in 9 years of my new life. I hope to have success in this area this year. Thank you all again, Pat


    Hi Pat,

    Congrats on the 9 years and yes, you go shout out as much as you want to!!!! We love hearing stories like yours and I so know that it will inspire so may people out there. So go ahead Pat and shout out lots and lots!!! And here’s to the next 9 years too!!!

    Go Pat!



    Hi Pat! Shout all you want. I did shout back at you, hope you got it. I am not sure anyone can understand your enthusiasm without having been there at some time. It just goes way beyond. Keep on keeping on!!!


    Sometime in the middle of September I passed my ninth anniversary of the discovery of a soft tissue tumor in my bile duct. I posted in the good news section as well, but part of me wants to find a summit and just scream it to the world. I believe in quiet celebration, however I also want you all to know that sometimes it goes well. I joined the sites registry and I hope to contribute however I can to this org. You have helped me get where I am today. Thanks to all the dedicated moderators and the patients who have shared their stories good and bad, Pat

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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