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    There are good doctors to be found in all kinds of places, and the main thing is to find one whose philosophy matches and supports yours. Mayo has some excellent oncologists but they were not right for me, personally.

    After going all the way from Kentucky to Minnesota, I ended up with a doctor a 15 minute walk from my home in a little town in KY! He was recommended to me by an MD friend, and is a former professor at the University of KY Medical School who left because he was fed up with the bureaucracy. I also like him because he’s much older than my previous doc, and has been treating people with cc since the 1980s– long enough to see that there are plenty of patients that don’t follow the “usual” course of the disease.

    Keep looking until you find the doctor that is right for you!

    Wishing you and your dad all the best–



    Sending up the balloons and throwing the confetti!!! This is a wonderful way to end my day at work by reading this great news!

    You go girl!!!!!!!



    Hi Kristin~

    My Dad is in the exact same boat you were. His PET scan yesterday (now 15 months post whipple surgery) showed a recurrence in the bile duct and pancreas. He too is at Mayo and contemplating his treatment options. I’m curious, who is your new doc and where is he located?




    It does my heart good to hear stories like yours. It gives me so much hope. Congrats and keep up the good work ;).



    Please keep posting good news. We need it as it gives us hope. I am so scared and seeing how well you’re doing provides a practical demonstration of living far beyond the stats.


    Oh my gosh Kristin – that is great news, and we LOVE good news, as they all said. I am so happy for you – keep up the good work, and hopefully, the good news will keep on coming!

    Joyce C.


    Kristin…I could not say things any better then Tess, Darla, and Lainy in that good news is welcome and so much wanted. Kristin, what really impressed me is the decision made by you and your oncologist in that you would wait to see if changes would occur before moving on to aggressive treatments. And, it worked for you!!!!!!
    Congratulations and big hugs,


    Kristin, we have to get one thing straight… your good news is music to our ears and you should never be shy about sharing it! It is inspirational and you are an inspiration. While the cancer impacts everyone differently, there are measures one can take (regardless of if they have cancer or not) that can significantly improve quality of life, and the tools you use to do so should definitely be shared!

    Keep it up, we’re sending you tons of great wishes for continued strength!




    That is such great news and I am so happy that you are doing so well. I agree with Lainy, don’t ever feel guilty for posting good news. There are a lot of sad stories on here & we all need to hear of the successful ones too. Your good news gives hope and encouragement to all of those who are dealing with this horrible disease and I am sure it is greatly appreciated. I will be hoping to hear more good news from you in the future. It sounds like you are doing a lot of postive things & I guess it doesn’t matter what is working as long as it works for you.

    Take Care Kirstin.

    Love & Hugs,


    That is truly a Miracle Story! Just what everyone needs to hear. Please don’t ever feel guilty as I learned with Teddy that everyone needs to know there is hope. Without hope we might as well all give up. The good news puts a smile on the whole CC family. Just keep it coming, Kristin. Keep it coming!


    I’ve been hesitating to post this after so much bad news lately– I guess I feel almost guilty for doing so well. But in case it encourages somebody, I just wanted to say that I finally got brave and ASKED for a CAT scan and the results were great. No progression in my tumors at all since last July, and that’s with no medical treatment.

    You might remember that I was in a panic last summer because both my old oncologist and the Mayo Clinic told me I had to start chemo immediately, after I had a scan showing that the tumors had started growing again. Instead I found a new oncologist (an older guy with a ton of experience) and we decided to do blood tests once a month (liver and CA19-9) and scan me if they started getting worse. Well, they’ve been stable ever since, and the CAT scan shows that everything’s quiet in there.

    I have been doing a ton of other things to take care of myself. Meditation daily, acupucture weekly, good diet, lots of supplements (especially milk thistle, ginseng, IP-6), exercise 6 days a week, and I’ve been practicing qigong since November, and I think that’s done me a world of good. So, I have no idea what’s helping, but I can say for sure that I made the right decision 2 1/2 years ago after radiation and the failed surgery, when they wanted to start me on Gemzar, and I said let’s just wait and see.

    Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement!


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