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    Pam….Painful and so very precious are these last moments we spend with the one we love. I am wishing for strength for you and your family.
    My heart is with you,


    I am so sorry. I know how difficult this is for all of you. Reading your thoughts it sounds exactly – down to the last detail almost – what I went through with Butch at the end. The only comfort is that there doesn’t appear to be any pain – our Doctor was here the day before Butch passed away – he paid house calls – and he asked Butch if he was in pain. Butch had been pretty well comatose for a day or two, but he answered the Doctor and said – quite clearly – “only a little”. So, I hope that is a comfort to you – we had it in his own words. This is probably the hardest thing we will ever have to do. I will be thinking of you, and praying.

    Love – Joyce


    Our thoughts are with you and the family.



    Please know that we are praying for your family and wish you all peace.



    Hi All,

    Haven’t posted in a short while but wanted to let my other family know where things are. My Mom has gone downhill really fast since this past Monday. We’ve gone to a hospital bed, diapers and for all practical purposes Helen as we know her has gone. She cannot swallow and appears to be almost in a coma. She is getting morphine, a scolpomine patch, atropine and lorazapam. She is unresponsive but does not appear to be in pain. We are lovingly, tenderly caring for the body she inhabited and praying it will be an easy end.

    Hospice nurses think the end will come either tonight or tomorrow. We are simply waiting and keeping vigil. We are ok right now but this is so incredibly hard.

    My heart is breaking…


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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