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    Sorry to hear this latest news you have to share. Like Lainy and Marion I too am hoping that this is just an infection and my fingers are crossed for the best possible news here. Loads of positive thoughts are coming your way from me and please do not give up hope, we are here for you.




    Nancy……so sorry to hear of the latest developments. Several people have been able to undergo additional surgeries for recurrence. Already you have considered involving your husband’s previous surgeon. You would want to make sure to forward to him all recent records and in particular the physician report stating abdominal peritoneal lining.
    Tons of good wishes,


    Dear Nancy, not the news any of us like to hear but hope it is just an infection. I don’t have the answer for you but I know someone will. Stay strong and I will wish for the best outcome. Good to see you again no matter what the reason and please keep us updated. A ton of hugs to you and Ron!


    Hello All,

    Sorry I have not posted in a pretty long while. I do think about this website often and how helpful it was to me. My husband Ron has been cancer free for seven years following a resection with no bumps in the road. He has been quite tired lately so I talked him into going to our family doctor and they discovered he was jaundice. I had checked his eyes and it was not apparent to me. They sent him the same day for a CT scan and unfortunately it reads very similar to his first CT seven years ago stating “Interval development of intrahepatic biliary dilation: and “interval development of inflammatory changes in the anterior abdominal peritonel lining”. His yearly check-up was scheduled for October 1, 2014. All of his bloodwork last October was great with a CA-199 score of 10. In nine months his liver blookwork is now sky high with a billrubin score of 9.7. Waiting to get his CA-199 score today. I expect it to be high.

    We have an appointment Tuesday with gastro doctor for consultation and I assume followed by a ERCP to insert a stent. Hoping and praying this is an infection causing the inflamation but knowing this is a slim chance.

    Just was wondering if anyone knows whether a second resection is possible, assuming the cancer is contained? Ron had his resection at Sloan Kettering by Dr. Jarnigan so I think we will contact him even before we meet with our gastro doctor here in Richmond.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. HUGS!!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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