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    My handsome rooster, Nibbles.  Chickens are interesting pets!




    I LOVE it!

    I have a dog, several cats and a horse, but it’s my 23lb black cat, with one eye, and 1/2 of one ear gone, that I took in as a stray (after 6 months of playing “catch me if you can!”). who has become my “Care-giver Cat”. Since I started chemo, he has been at my side. He follows me around the house, and sleeps next to my head at night, which I didn’t really like at first ( I’m not really a cat person), but whenever I wake up during the night, I look over and can see him watching me.

    I can’t explain the change in his behavior other than maybe a “I saved him, and now he’s going to save me”? Its now very comforting knowing he cares.




    What a great idea for a thread Brigette, and what a lovely dog as well! No wonder she has made your life better and you smiling too! And I bet that she kept you active and running around daft after her when she was a pup as Labs can be very active can they not! I bet that she will bring loads of smiles too when you take her to the nursing homes etc for all to see.

    Thanks and can’t wait to see everyone elses pets as well. I don’t have any myself.



    Who has pets in the CC forum? I have a chocolate Labrador I brought over from England. She is 6 years old, just became a therapy dog so we will be going to visit nursing homes, hospices, hospitals and libraries. Next week we are going to The Lone Star College.  She has made my life so much better and keeps me going and smiling while I fight CC. Molly

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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