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    Thanks hopeseeker, and thanks for sharing your story.  It’s important we come together and help on what works and doesn’t in our individual cases.  May you seek comfort during this time, and know that presence is the most important, as I also tell myself during tough times.


    Dear Positivity,

    So far my MIL is on morphine pills (30mg time release) with breakthrough pills of generic oxycodone for in between morphine doses.

    Yesterday she has had to take the liquid morphine (which she can take every 2 hours) that the Hospice nurses have given her. She’s been having more pain and sleeping more these past few days. She’s not on chemo either. The pain is coming from the tumor along with her digestion being so messed up from the cancer and drugs. She had terrible constipation and now it’s switched to the opposite.

    Hope you can find a good pain relief option for your mom. It’s terrible to see our loved ones in pain and hurting. It makes things hard on them too because it’s draining and depressing to have constant pain.



    My mom has been experiencing pain due to the tumor and is not under chemotherapy.  We will see her doctor in a few days.  What is the best pain management program that has work for you or a family member.  This will be the tough part as she went months without pain, but the other side effects of this condition such as weight loss and loss of appetite and energy.  I knew this would eventually arise and continue to take it day to day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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