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    Hello Aroha,

    Definitely speak to your medical team about pain management soon as possible.  According to my experience, CC can go months without pain, then sudden extreme pain.  When this happened the first time I knew that a pain management program would need to be in place immediately at home.  Our doctor prescribed a couple of pain medications to have readily available according to the level of pain: one being milder and the other for extreme pain.  Also, as stated above check status of CC and this disease causes extreme pain on the right side at the liver/bile duct area if that is what you are referring to.  My mom also chose not to have chemo/radiation and did have stent placements.  Again, I always have to stress this is our personal experience and choices, not giving suggestions for anyone to follow our decisions.  I learned from the forum that this has to always be stressed where we are coming from personal experience and knowledge, but not necessarily a choice for another individual to make.  Keep going…I know the difficulty as I have been through this for a year.  You are taking the steps necessary by learning and understanding this condition and asking questions.

    Thank you for sharing your experience.


    Hi Aroha,

    Sorry to hear as well that you are having this pain to deal with. As if you will not have enough things to deal with already. Just want to say that I totally agree with what Mary has said to you in that pains should be reported to your medical team so that they can look into the possible causes of it and of course to try and deal with it as well. Pain can also be very tiring as well and you don’t want to have to deal with that also.

    And just in case you didn’t know, we have a pain management board here that hopefully will throw up some discussions that will be of interest and use to you.

    Pain Management

    Please speak with your med team about this and let us know what they say about it.

    My best wishes to you,



    Hi Aroha,

    I am so sorry you are feeling pain in your back.

    Have your recent scans shown any spread of the CCA in that area?  In any case, I would encourage that you report this pain to your oncologist so the cause can be identified.  At the same time, it is important to be sure you are getting good pain management advice from your doctors.  If pain issues are left unaddressed, they can be harder to treat later on.

    Cancer forces us to become hypochondriacs – symptoms we might otherwise ignore do need to be checked out with our medical providers so nothing gets out of hand.  No one will mind that you are asking.

    Take care, regards, Mary


    Hi was just wondering if anyone has pains in their back along their spine and lower back.  Note I have not had surgery or chemo yet and have a stent in my bile duct?  Just wondering if this is normal.  I do get pain under my diaphgram and try to understand where the pain is coming from?  So hard to pinpoint.  Thank you for reading.  Regards Aroha

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