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    I so agree with everything that you have all said about Percy. A true gent, warm, humble, compassionate and someone who would always do everything that he possibly could to help anyone in their fight against CC. I shared tons of email conversations with him over the years and so wish that I could have met him. Can picture the 2 of us at a Bears game shouting and all of that!

    Sorely missed by so many people.



    Oh, Cristine, what a lovely memory! Percy is guarding the harbor like he guarded our Members.


    Last July we took a trip with Mom up to Maine. At that point, we thought our time with her would be limited to a few months. I had already gained so much support and knowledge from this board ,and especially Percy, before we went. We went to Fort Popham, old fort with beautiful harbor view, and came across a seating area overlooking the harbor. Although not dedicated for our Percy, it seemed like we were supposed to be there. It was at a point in time that Percy’s health was declining. (hopefully pic shows up well enough to see his name inscribed on bench)



    I miss him too a very intelligent and compassionate man. He always used to tell me he was opening a Chinese Restaurant right across from Teddy’s Sicilian restaurant for competition! I told him NO competition as both restaurant’s are extremely popular. Bless his soul.


    I agree, he was a great asset to this board and I’m sure is missed by many, myself included.


    Me too, Karen…..even though I never met him personally,….he profoundly affected my life.

    Jiulie T.


    Today I have been thinking a lot about Percy and the first time I met him at ASCO around the end of May, 2012.

    I remember how full of life and energy he was!

    It was a very moving experience for me meeting someone who was living with CC. He was the first person other than my mother in law that I had ever met with this disease.

    He was an inspiration to me, and such an intelligent, warm, welcoming, and consistent support system for all who came to this website.

    I miss him!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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