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    I just wanted to add: Clinical Trials first and foremost are scientific studies. Now, this is pertinent for Phase I as it establishes toxity levels, drug administration, and side effects. It is the first study conducted on humans and usually has low patient enrollment. It also allows for the possibility of benefitting from a new treatment which is not available yet to the general public. You go, Kathy.



    I agree with you without phase I, there will be no phase II. AND EVERYBODY should have phase I study if they can and willing to do so. The key word is “choice”for my statement. And most of the time,as a patient, what you will have is largely depending on your location too,that is,where you get your treatment .
    God bless.


    I agree that I would have chosen a phase II or phase III trial over a phase I trial, if such would have been available. I’m on a phase I trial, MC0811, and will be starting my 13th cycle in two weeks. They started at the lowest dosage level, which was probably lucky for me.

    I do not have your knowledge about medicines, but I totally support phase I trials and feel blessed I qualified. Most likely feel that way because so far it’s working and I am the person who has been on this trial the longest.

    Without phase I trails there would never be phase II, phase III, or the ultimate “miracle” drugs.


    Hi, everyone,
    As of this moment, targeted therapy is expensive and may not provide reasonable cost effectiveness and benefit to CCA patients either in mono or combined with chemo agents.(ie:ipilimumab,depends on venders,the wholesale cost each is about 50,000 US doollars;not counting profit margin and overhead cost for the institution.)
    For those who CAN choose the clinical trials to join ;it is always better to join those which are in the middle or at the end of phase II trials or the best if you can join in phase III ,which is highly unlikely. I will avoid,if I can, the phase one trials for new agents and will choose the current available chemotherapy regimens first; if it doesn’t work ;then try another chemotherapy combined with a targeted agent which has been evaluated for a period of time(ie: Avastin as compare of the newer EGFR inhibitors. As a patient myself, I am not against phase I trails ,but if you have options of between phase I and phase II;choose phase II is more safe because by then the researchers would know pretty much about the adverse events and appropriate dosage and schedule of the tested regimen or agent .
    God bless.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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