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    Dear A Brown, Welcome to our remarkable family and the best place to be for CC support. So sorry to read about the diagnosis of CC and that you had to join our elite group. It sounds like you are doing good and congratulations on the Whipple as surgery is one of our favorite words.

    Knowledge is the most important tool we have at this point to fight. When you have a chance read some of our Members posts or if you have a question please use our Search Engine at the top of the page. Type in a word or 2 and many posts will appear on that subject.

    My husband had a Whipple 10 years ago and it is a bit of a slow recovery. One of the weird parts was the loss of taste for certain foods he loved, like chocolate, yes, especially sweet things. It was all worth it as in a few months he actually was able to go back on the golf course!

    Please do keep us updated on your progress as we truly care.


    Unfortunately they found a tumor on the bile duct and cancer cells in the margins and in 4 lympth nodes. Surgery went well as did the recovery; however, I recently requested an enzyme prescription and that is making digestion more comfortable. I had surgery at the Queen Elizabeth II in Halifax. It is a teaching hospital for Dalhousie University. Head surgeon was Walsh and his team met me every morning in my room at or before 6 am. Had all treatments in PEI except for the surgery in Halifax which the PEI government health care covered.
    My mother-in-law passed of pancreatic cancer a few years ago in Edmonton Alberta. She also had a Whipple procedure, hers at the University of Alberta Hospital. Unbelievable coincidence .


    Hi CHIguy2016,
    Welcome from another maritimer and glad you found this great site. So happy to hear of your positive experience with your healthcare. It sounds like you got dx, stent, surgery, and now chemo in short order which is awesome. What was your dx? Did they get a biopsy? Intrahepatic? Hilar? Did they stage your cancer? Who performed your surgery? Did you see a gastroenterologist in Halifax for stent or on PEI? Sorry for all the ???
    My 58 year old husband was dx June, 2016 and has been having stents replaced every 3 months sense then in Halifax. Not currently operable. No positive biopsy yet. Also irish genes…county wexford so who knows about the genetic predisposition but certainly bad luck.
    Thanks for sharing you positive experience and hope to keep hearing from you.


    GHIguy2016….congratulations on the success of your surgery with a qualified surgeon and a rural doctor, who recognized and acted on something that needed special attention. Interesting to know that your particular area of Canada has a higher rate of CCA occurrence. I believe that we are not too far off from understanding the genetics of a rare disease such as this. I agree with you, your care has been excellent and the fact that all physicians communicate is another plus.

    You have everything going for you, GHIguy2016. How are you feeling at this time? Still sore? How is your digestion?




    Welcome to our group and congratulations on having everything so far go as well as you could wish for (although it would be much better not to have to deal with any of this). It seems like in the short time, you learned a lot and know how important it is to be treated by a center with experience with CC.

    Interesting about the Irish heritage. I didn’t think my mother had any traits that would make her predisposed to CC, but both her parents were born in County Mayo (maiden name O’Malley).

    Take care,


    Greetings from Canada’s smallest province. I am a 55 year old male and was diagnosed in 2016. I received a bile duct stent and then a Whipple procedure followed by chemo in early Jan of 2017. That will be followed by chemo and radiation in April. I credit a rural ER doctor for referring me to a specialist who put in a bile duct stent and I credit that doctor for referring me to a surgeon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. That surgeon has performed over 250 Whipple procedures. It was commented to me that this rare cancer has slightly higher rates here in Eastern Canada where there is a high concentration of people of Irish and Scottish heritage. They think this may be partly genetic as well as bad luck. All doctors kept my family doctor updated as does my Oncologist. This all transpired in just a few months. I am not sure I could have received any better or faster care anywhere else. Week one of treatment went well and I hope to hear from other group members.

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