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    Milena –
    I have dealt with them a little through my work and very rarely does anyone complain about pain with them so I would definitely reach out to the doc because as had been said it could not be in the wrong spot and need adjusted. And it does seem frustrating that they can’t drain more but if they take too much it can cause dehydration and other problems. I am sorry that it didn’t work out correctly right off. I suspect that if they get it right it will make all the difference.
    My husband had a little but of ascites before surgery and after….the hard part was after they pulled the surgical drain he drained his ascites out of that. For several days he drained almost 2 liters of fluid a day out that little hole. I finally put an ostomy appliance on it to contain it. All the ascites went away after that….I guess we had our own drain.
    Hang in there. Keep after your doctor.




    Sorry to hear about your mums ascites and the trouble that she is having with that and the drain. My dad had ascites as well but never had it drained, he had meds for it so I’ve no experiences to share with you on the drianage issues. I agree that speaking with the doctor about these issues is something that you should do and hopefully that will ghive your mum some relief here.

    I know that there are loads of posts here on the site about ascites and drains and the search function will throw them up. Here’s a link as well on ascites, hope it is of use to you and hoping that your mum gets some help with the drain as well. Stay strong.

    My best to you and your mum,



    Dear Milena I am so sorry to read about your Mom’s ascites. I really can’t help on this except to suggest they take a look to see if the drainage tube is sitting right as it may have slipped. I can’t remember anyone on here who has had that kind of pain from a tube for ascites. Hopefully someone will come along here with an answer for you. Wishing your Mom the best.


    Hi Everyone,

    My mom developed ascites in the last few weeks which resulted in two paracentesis procedures. That didn’t really alleviate my mom and finally a drain was placed in her abdomen last Wednesday to help make her more comfortable.

    This all sounded great until the procedure was completed, now my mom can’t really do anything and the water never seems to go down enough (or maybe it accumulates way too fast). She says that she can feel the catheter sometimes and that it’s painful – also, she doesn’t seem to be getting enough releif even after the procedure (it might have to do with the limit set in terms of how much fluid the nurses can remove twice a week; 1.5L)

    Nevertheless, has anyone had experience with a drain for ascites? Has it helped you and did it take a very long time to heal?

    I am just so, so, so nervous and upset because she can’t sit properly and always has to lay down. She said that she feels okay but that the drain and the fluid are ruining her ability to do anything. We will be reaching out to the doctor of course but I wanted to get first-hand experiences because those always differ from the textbook answers we receieve.

    Just as an FYI – my mom did amazing on her first line of treatment gem/cis and she is now on xeloda after the cancer came back with avengence (satellite tumours, one large tumour, lymph node involvement etc)

    Your feedback would be great.

    Many thanks,

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