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    My friend, Kelly, who had cholangiocarcinoma, was a big Diet Coke drinker.


    Interesting thought, but I like Lainy was the diet soda drinker & am healthy. Jim never liked the taste nor did he need to drink it as he was always thin. The only thing he did use the past few years was splenda as a sweetener as was recommended by his doctor (pre cc). I also am not much help! :)


    Mmmm, here is where it gets weird! I am a huge Diet Coke drinker and sweetener user and I am healthy, so far! Teddy never drank much soda or used much sweetener and he is the one with CC. Guess I am not much help!


    Are you a big diet Pepsi or diet Coke drinker? I have been looking into a possible connection between aspartame (artificial sweetener) and cc. Aspartame turns into formaldehyde in the body and affects the bile ducts. I was just wondering. Two of us were big diet cola drinkers and users of aspartame (also in artificial sugar packets). If you, too, drink or drank a lot of diet colas, would you please post it and I will keep count. Thanks. Barbara L.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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