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    Hi y’all. My husband’s lymph node biopsy results came back yesterday – nothing but necrotic debris. The oncology team feels 95% certain that his lymph nodes are cancerous. We will try to confirm via PET scan.

    This means he is no longer a candidate for Dr. Chapman’s liver transplant protocol, so he will start palliative Gem/Cis as soon as possible.

    My question for those who have been on it is, how did it affect your ability to carry out daily functions? Were you still able to work, play, travel?

    The reason I ask is that taking the kids to Mardi Gras in New Orleans is on his bucket list. He is doing very well right now, still working and doing all of his normal activities. If he starts chemo this week, Mardi Gras week will be one of his “off chemo” weeks, following his third round of treatment. Will he be up for a 14-hour car trip (with overnight stop in the middle) and Mardi Gras fun? (We have an electric scooter we can bring if needed.) Or should we expect that the Gem/Cis will make him sick and weak and not able to travel?



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