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    Hi I’m so glad you submitted an update I was trying to find you earlier to check in on how he was doing. I’m sorry to hear he’s not up and around as much as before. I wonder if accupuncture therapy will help for his increased pain. My mother has been trying it and I think it has helped her somewhat. Let me know if you would like to know where she’s been going. I feel for you and understand what you’re going through. I’ve been having a rough couple of days as well emotionally. Does he have any favourite books? I find that when things get really rough I read to my mother and it’s very relaxing for her. Try to stay strong and think positive don’t let your mind wonder. I will pray for you guys.

    thinking of you
    take care


    Hi Jen,

    I have sent a friend request, I hope it was to the right Jennifer!

    Christmas is getting closer, and yes while it will be tough we are determined to make it a special one with lots of laughter. Dad seems to be doing well the last few days, I just hope he will be well enough for Christmas day. We have always gone to my nans but i’m not sure what will happen this year. Hopefully Dad will be well enough for us to drive him there, even if it’s just to have dinner with us, then we can go back to mom and dads for a few hours instead of them coming back to ours. No photos in our house though, Dad is consious of his appearence, he is really yellow now and won’t want his photo taken. This will be hard but I will respect his wishes. I’ve got lots of photos before he started to be ill and I think that’s how he wants us to remember him.

    Take care, Love to you and your family


    Thanks Lainy – we have a few shots of the bench from the contractor, but I’ll figure out a way to post some once we go out with Dad and get a few pictures of our own. Just waiting for the plaque to arrive! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving – the menu sounds wonderful, and you’ll be surrounded by loved ones, so I don’t know how it could be anything BUT wonderful!

    Andrea – I think of you and your Dad often too… we are definitely in the same place right now, I think. Christmas will be tough, but we both have to work hard to make it a good one with only positive memories for ourselves and our kids… there will be non-stop picture taking in our household, that’s for sure!

    I would love to add you to facebook, just need a last name or e-mail address to search you out – or you can find me… Jennifer Sadler, dymond_jennifer@hotmail.com.


    Hi Jen,

    I have been thinking of you and your Dad often, as I think we are both going through the same emotions at the moment.

    Have you been in touch with anyone about your Dads weight gain? I know the District Nurses come to my Dad every Monday to check his external drain, do BP, temp etc. Perhaps you could ask them if your Dad has them, or perhaps a quick call to the doctor to put your mind at rest.

    Christmas is going to be hard this year and like you the pity party is getting harder to get over and I think alot of this is down to the time of year. I seem to be counting the days down for the wrong reason BUT our Dads are fighters and every day your Dad is nearer to seeing his Grandson.

    The Bench and location sound lovely, please see if you can add photos. I am on face book if you want to add me.

    Like Lainy says. stay strong. You are doing your Dad proud.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers your way



    Hi Jen, I can’t wait to see a picture of the Bench! My daughter and I vowed we wil have Thanksgiving no matter what. I think being busy planning our favorite Holiday is keeping me ‘High’, a natural Holiday high! And if Teddy gets too tired he can see us from his bed. All will be good. Stay strong, kid!


    It’s been a while since I posted an update. Dad finished chemo a while ago, and I don’t think he’ll be getting it again. I can’t be entirely sure, but it doesn’t sound as though it’s in the plans. He’s still doing okay… able to get up and around, but there’s really only about a 3 hour window during the day when he is feeling okay. He sleeps all morning and feels pretty awful starting in the early evening. I guess he is having a lot of pain in his back that is wrapping around his sides. He’s still managing with the oxycodone and oxycontin, but I think his doses were raised recently… and we’ll continue raising them to keep him comfortable. He also mentioned that he gained a few pounds in a day or 2 (3 or 4 pounds, I think), and we’re all a bit nervous about that – he hasn’t been eating well (very VERY little), so we can’t help but wonder if he is starting to have fluid buildup or if something else is going on. I guess we just can’t help but think the worst when anything happens… this cancer is so tricky that you just never know what to expect next.

    My sister is due in exactly 2 months, and our one and only hope is that he gets the chance to hold that little baby – his first grandson. 2 months isn’t so far off anymore… we didn’t think it would be possible, but every day that passes brings him closer to that goal. The thought of celebrating one more Christmas with him brings me both joy and sadness at the same time. I think it’s going to be a difficult one for us this year. I’ve been having a bit of a pity party the last few days, and need to get over it – we have so much to be thankful for, and I am usually pretty good at having a good cry and then getting over it. Not so much this time… not really sure why that is.

    On a very VERY good note, my Dad’s beautiful bench that I’ve mentioned before has been installed in our very favourite place in Kananaskis (a camping area in the mountains), with a beautiful view of the river, and on a path that we have walked on as a family many many times. Just waiting for the plaque to arrive (which is something that was very difficult to do… how do you write a memorial plaque for someone that is still here)? It will be an emotional day to go out to see it with him, but a memory that will always last – him actually getting the chance to go out and see it, and sit on it and look at the view will make me feel that much closer to him when he’s gone and I’m there. I wish there was a way to post pictures here, so I could share the memory with you all. Maybe a link to facebook the way Gavin has will do the trick!

    Hope you are all doing well. Thank you all for being here — this site helps keep me sane. I’ve been having a hard time responding to posts lately – I’m just at such a loss of words for all of you dealing with everything you are (WE are)… please just know that I read every post, and think and pray for you all daily.


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