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    Thank you Karen, Lisa and Moneypenny. Reading your replies was a welcome respite from another grueling night working the ER. Karen was 9yrs older than me but we were very close none the less. She loved horses and was an experianced rider. I often wonder if her soul resides in my 12 yr old daughters heart as she loves horses also and is an accomplished equestrian. Kayla, my daughter, is a window into my sisters early life that I wasn’t even born yet to see. Kay is so very much like Karen thats it’s kinda spooky. She is my “favorite” daughter. Took her a few yrs to realize she is my only daughter, but still my favorite. She just rolls her eyes and says,”only” every time I say that these days. A daddys girl as I have learned that my sister was also. Thank you all for just listening to my ramblings. I am finding this very theraputic. I will be off this weekend and hope to find some of you here in “live chat”. See you then….TJ.


    Dear TraumaJock,

    Hi! I also lost my younger sister to this terrible disease. She was only 32 years old. She fought so hard, and we were right by her side all the way. I still cannot believe it. I miss her every day. She left four beautiful young children and a husband behind. I do love spending time with her children. I carry my sister in my heart too!

    I think that is great that you went on to be a nurse. Carry her in your heart always…



    Dear TraumaJock,

    So sorry to hear of Sisters untimely passing, so young, too young. I too lost my little sister at the young age of only 26. She was diagnosed with another “rare” cancer called Ewings Sarcoma. No cure/no hope. She was robed of everytihng, and so were we.
    She fought with every last bit of strength she had till in the end we lost her.
    I know how you feel, and it is so precious to know she is a copilot in your heart.

    There are wonderful people on this board who are both knowledgeable and understanding.
    I hope you find the answers and support you are searching for. I am losing my Dad to this disease, and this forum and its caring people have helped me tremendously.

    Much Healing to your Heart,


    Dear TJ,
    Welcome – and so sorry to hear about your sister. I’m sure the pain of her loss is always with you, and maybe it helps a bit to finally get some insight into what took her away at such a young age.

    Just wanted to say welcome and you’ll find answers to any questions here – very knowledgeable and caring people on this board.

    I wish you peace-



    My sister, Karen, passed in 1989 when she was only 42yrs old. She was diagnosed with Sclerosing Cholangitis and eventually entered University Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa for a liver transplant at which time it was discovered she was full of cancer. Knowing what I know now, I’m certain she also must have had Cholangiocarcinoma. I was fortunate enough to have met Dr. Rudy Pena and his lovely wife Becky on a flight out of Salt Lake City this past Sunday. As is always Gods will, people who are destined to cross paths….do. I have dealt with my sisters death pretty much on my own until now. Hopefully, I will find eager ears and warm hearts here that will open my eyes to the hows and whys of Karens death. She was a nurse and after she died, Gods will pushed me into the direction of nursing. I have been an ER nurse for the last 14yrs with my sister riding copilot in my heart. I will be back here again another day but for now I need to go. The ER is getting busy again as it always does at this time in the morning. God bless to all here…..TJ

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