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    It’s my understanding that many chemotherapy drugs are used as radiosensitizers or potentiators when given concurrently with radiation. Commonly used in the case of CC are Gemzar and Platinum based drugs such as Oxoplatinum. They, in essence, cause the tumor cells to be more sensitive to the radiation thus making the treatments much more effective. So, I’m sure that’s why this is being recommended. The chemo drug is usually given at a reduced dosage when given with the radiation, as opposed to when the chemo is given alone, and so is better tolerated. Many of the drugs commonly used in CC are considered to be radiosensitizers: Gemzar, Platinums, 5FU, and the oral form of 5FU, Xeloda.

    I hope that makes sense. Don’t you wish though that everything was just clear and that there was just one best way to do things…one best treatment! Wishing all the best to you and John. Please keep in touch and let us know what he decides and how the treatment goes.



    Sara….Radiation/chemo has been used by many. I am sure for others to respond to you but, sometimes it takes a bit longer for various reasons. So, please don’t feel discouraged by not having received an answer as of yet. You might want to read up on a few previous postings by using the search function on the top bar. This can be quite helpful when wanting to address a specific posting presented by a member of this site. I am wishing for John to begin his treatment real soon and I am looking forward to postive responses. Good luck and please, stay in touch.


    I will post this under chemo and radiation sections just to cover all the bases.

    My boyfriend John is going to begin radioembolization treatments, most likely SIR Spheres. We were told by a doctor at Mayo that they have seen greater results in shrinking tumors if the radiation is coupled with chemotherapy.

    Can any of you attest that this may be true? Any experiences relating to having radiation and chemotherapy at the same time?

    Thanks to everyone who comes to this wonderful forum.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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