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    To Rebecca and kids:

    I am so sorry Roy has been taken from you. I can picture your young family full of energy and life and this news made me cry, I just walked to school with my niece the other day for her first day of kindergarten and it is so sad to think Roy could not be there for his little girl’s big day.

    Rebecca, I hope you have support around you as you will need help, I help my sister and brother-in-law with their 5 and 2-year-old so I know they can keep you running and try your patience!

    Lean on us when you need moral support, we are here.



    I am so sorry for you and your girls. Go to therapy, I went to hospice group for six weeks and have been going to individual for three months. I know to the money problem I was lucky one of my dearest friends is paying for my individual. When I leave therapy I feel good, and refreshed like going to church, but it doesn’t take long for the pain to return. Hospice or the cancer society also has therapy for at least your oldest daughter, it has been a heaven sent for me. Each day is difficult, but all we can do is lean on the Lord and pray. My birthday is this month, I am going through alot of medical problems then our wedding anniversary is on the 28th, all first. My Wayne was diagnoised 7-1-09 he went to see Jesus 2-17-10. I don’t care if someone had been married a thousand years, it would not be long enough to say everything you wanted to say. I’ll be praying for you!

    Terry Sanders


    So sorry to hear this sad news. Our prayers go out to the whole Family.


    Roy Bingham from Polk City, Iowa lost his battle with CC on August 15, 2010. He fought with courage and had many difficulties during the last 6 months. I had the fortune of sharing a few emails with Roy and his wife Rebecca. They are in a very similar life stage as my wife and I and were able to connect through our common circumstances.

    Roy leaves behind his wife of 12 years and 2 adorable children ages 5 and 2. It is going to be a tough couple of weeks for Rebecca as she has their Anniversary, a few events, and I believe Roy’s birthday all coming up starting Labor Day weekend. It will be a lot of “firsts” without Roy. And the girls miss their Dad already. The oldest daughter had her first day of Kindergarten yesterday and really missed her Dad not being able to share it with her.

    This is a tough time for their family. Please take a moment to pray for them. They need our support.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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