Should I take semester off for mother’s prognosis?

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    Lola, my daughter was a junior in college 31/2 hours away when I was diagnosed, not only did we insist she go back to school, so did my doctor . I know it was difficult for her but it was the best decision at the time. She is an amazing child, she always made sure on chemo day there was some gift for me, a book, mixed tape….. I was a transplant candidate and during my wait for the call we even made her go on spring break, of course she went with a Southwest voucher to get home quickly if the call came!
    When things went real bad for me and was on life support, she called our priest twice to give me last rites and when things got better and I was able to go home, she did take a semester off. I came home in a whee lchair, drains, feeding tube…. and there was no way she was going back for the semester. That semester was the semester she was suppose to study abroad too.
    I am excited to tell you she graduated a semester late.
    There is no yes/no answer, I really believe you will know when the time is right to take a break and for how long.
    Lots of prayers for healing, comfort and peace.


    Lola –

    Good news about Mayo. Let us know who she sees, since many of us have seen different docs there.

    I’m in NE Ohio – where are you?



    Dear Lola, wishing you and your Mom the best and try to be very strong, it WILL get you through. I used to tell myself, “time to be strong, I can fall apart later” and it worked for me. Please let us know what Mayo says. I am glad she is going as that other opinion is so very important. We all handle these things in different ways but if you can pull on your inner strength perhaps you could give a call here and there and talk about you and your studies and daughter not about her. We are with you in spirit!


    Debbie & Lainey,

    Thank you for replying and giving me your honest answers. My mom is flying to the Mayo Clinic April 2nd and then she’ll decide with our help, decide what she wants to do.

    My Spring semester ends in a month and I have a clinical rotation in May for 2 weeks. I haven’t been calling her b/c it’s too hard to hear her voice. I’m forcing myself to stay numb so I can survive these very difficult last weeks in school.

    I’m praying for you and your families as well.
    My best,


    Dear Lola, I think Debbie said it perfectly. When Teddy and I reached this point her opted for no chemo and the ONC was spot on with his timing. We were much older and there was nothing going on that would make us make a decision like yours. As said already, any decision will be the right one. I can only wish your Mom a comfortable journey and strength to all of you.


    Lola, I’m so sorry that your mom’s cc has returned. That’s the news we all don’t want to hear. Has your mom decided whether or not to accept the chemo? That choice might be helpful to you in deciding whether or not to take time off from your education. For instance, if she is going to have the chemo, I would think putting your program off for a year or more would make it difficult for you to finish the program. Perhaps if she has chemo, you could find a way to rotate caring for your mom with your other family members, so you could take some long weekends and schedule your “shifts” in accordance with school holidays etc. If, on the other hand, she elects no chemo, taking the summer off to be with your mom might be very good for you and her. This is a difficult journey and I don’t think there are any right or wrong answers. I wish you peace.


    We found out my mom’s cc has come back and spread. Her doctor said with chemo she might have up to a year, without, about 4 months. I’m in an accelerated master’s of nursing program, my 2nd semester. I’m supposed to graduate May 2016. Should I take summer semester off? the rest of the year? She lives 4 hrs away from me. I’m married with a 7 yr old daughter. I know the decision will be mine in the end. I’m just asking for counsel from people who know about cc.

    Thanks and good luck for all of you,

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