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    Hello All,
    Seems like the Ultraset (tramadol+paracetamol) tablets twice daily regimen is doing the job for now and containing her pain. Apart from nausea as new side effects from the Ultraset, it’s a bit better now….

    Guess the key is to figure out the right dosage and med for the stage of pain and for each patient this seems to be unique. Keeping higher energy reserves (regular protein supplements etc) also does seem to help with pain management..



    Dear Mary
    Her doctor had mentioned sometime earlier (when the pain was milder) that it might be her tumor pushing the diaphragm against the nerve with sensory receptors in her shoulder.

    But as you suggest, will check with her oncologist again for sure on this and on her pain management too.

    Thanks again…

    Kind regards…Johny


    Hi Johny,

    My own experience with capecitabine lasted about five months, and I don’t recall any shoulder or back pain issues or that the doctor warned me about this possibility.

    Patients with severe shoulder pain might be experiencing referred pain from something going on in the abdomen.  For example, a small number of cholangiocarcinoma patients experience shoulder pain early on, which turns out to be referred pain from the cancer.  “Referred” means the problem is in one place but the pain turns up elsewhere due to how the nerve pathways are routed in the body.  Another possible source of pain in the shoulder or back might be a spread of cancer to bones or the spine.  So this pain your mother is feeling needs to be checked out by the doctor – it will take a doctor to verify for you what is causing the pain.  It is always possible as well that the pain is from something entirely unrelated to cancer.

    If the current pain medications are not working well enough, your mother’s doctor may have other options to suggest.  It is important to try and get pain under control early.

    I hope your mother’s doctor has some answers for easing the pain.  Best wishes she feels better soon, and please stay in touch.

    Regards, Mary


    Hello all,

    Mom’s been switched to xeloda (capecitabine) tablets 2g bd dosage since a week now after 2 cycles of gemb/oxy failed to yield any improvements in the ca19/9 marker results (in fact it elevated slightly), leading the ONC to conclude no biochemical impact from the earlier chemo regimen.

    Now she’s in immense back and shoulder pain, perhaps a progression of the cancer or is it a side effect from the oral chemo ??

    She takes acetemaninophen roughly 2-3 times a day (650mg each) for the pain along with capsacin external balms and sometimes diclofinac+paracetemol orally for severe pain at nights.

    Do please share any other pain management medicines or techniques anyone has used and found helpful?

    Warm regards

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