side effects of liver resection

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    Sam had his liver surgery in January 2005 and still complains of pain and discomfort around the incision and particulary on the right side of his liver. He takes Reglan 30 minutes before each mill and that seems to help with the fullness and tight feeling.
    It also helps a little with the nausea. You can research his history under the Johnson blog. Good luck.


    hi jberg

    I also had liver resection in October 2005 and abdominal discomfort is my main problem at the present time. My doctor said that my discomfort is related to the scar tissue at the site of my abdomen incision – I had a lot of trouble with this healing up, it took 3 months before I was able to dispense with dressings. I’m not so sure that’s the whole problem, sometimes it feels like the discomfort is internal however to be honest it’s not really possible for me to identify the source.



    Can anyone who has had a liver resection tell me how long it took for abdominal discomfort to pass? My husband had his left lobe resected in late October 2005 and still complains of a feeling of tightness, fullness, and tingling (like pins and needles) along the incision site. I know he always questions whether this discomfort is from the surgery, radiation, and chemo or the disease reappearing. He will not be having a CT scan until May. Any information would be helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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