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    Hi Rick,

    The new board looks great to me, but maybe I am biased here!! I’ve used it on my phone for reading posts etc and it works fine for me here, but not posted anything through my phone. Agree with Brigitte that it is used less but not doubt there are still a ton of people who come to the boards to read, search for info etc but would rather post and communicate with others on FB. The power of FB I guess. I find the platform easy to use and search works for me too.

    Can you do a search within a search Rick? Eg – do a search for something like Gem/Cis then do a further search within what the first search throws up. Maybe that would be of use to members looking for something very specific? Just thinking out loud here.

    Thanks Rick!



    Hey Brigette,

    Unfortunately, Facebook has sucked a lot of our users away.  I was hoping this was an easier platform to use, the search form is just to the right at the top of the main discussion board page.  I will try to make it more prominent and maybe a dedicated page for it.  🙂

    What else?


    Hi Rick,

    It seems to be used less then the old version. What do you think? I did find it less user friendly. How do you do the search engine if you want to find info or post relevant to a subject?



    What can we do to improve it?

    What do you like?  What do you dislike?

    Have you had success using it on your phone?  tablet?

    Any and all feedback welcome.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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