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    Hello David, I am so sorry to hear about the hard time you are having with Chemo. Has the doctor mentioned any other kind of Chemo? I really think it helps to Post here are you are banging away at the keyboard and getting your thoughts out in a letter. This is always good for the mind. Why don’t you mention the trial on here and see if anyone else on our Board knows anything about it. Best wishes are headed your way and please do keep us posted.


    Just thought I would drop a note. As you know I started chemo again in November 2010. This time we aren’t having the luck we had the first time around. I have only been able to have 5 treatments so far. My marker number is still going up and my WBC/RBC/Platelets are all going down. I get neupogn shots when I get treatment for my WBC/RBC. They can’t do anything for boosting platelets. Last Friday was the worst so far. I actually started to think what if my body can’t handle the treatments. There is no other option for me except one trial but I am not willing to go into a trial yet. That would be the last resort. I am so mad at my body. My mind is good but my body just will not corporate. I am scheduled again for treatment this Friday. Feeling a little blue tonight. I will keep in touch.


    Oh, David, to those who canot accept what is happening to your personality, tell them if they really want to help you they will try harder to understand and that it will pass. Or go out and buy a Grinch costume and wear it. Cheeze, people! Sometimes they are the worst! Feel better and that’s an order.


    Thanks. Funny as we get older we need to go back to childhood fixes.


    David: Go and get some pear juice and drink a glass of that every day! You have to look in the baby section of the grocery store. My husband Tom has the same bathroom issues and has tried everything from Miralax (Prescription), Milk of Mag. etc and the Pear juice has him going potty every day now.

    When my grand-daughter had potty issues as a child that is the only thing that worked for her too.



    I had my second treatment on Friday. My blood count was low but the decided to go ahead with my treatment. Dialing it down a little seemed to help me yesterday and today. I feel full but not as nausaus. My problem seems to be not going to the bathroom. I am on so many laxatives based on the constipation from the gemzar from two years ago. My hair is starting to feel like straw. Just hope our donkeys don’t mistake my hair as feed. :-)

    I start my shots on Monday for the next three days. Even after all the shots I have had, I am still a wuss when it comes to needles.

    To the grumpiness, I wish people would understand and let it go. My family is still mentioning the change in my attitude sometimes. They don’t seem to understand I am not doing it on purpose. Heck, I don’t even know I am grumpy at times. If I don’t go to the bathroom soon, then they can complain I am grumpy :-)

    My spirits are high. Knowing this is just something else God has given me to overcome. He won’t give me anything I can’t handle.

    Everyone have a great day


    Hi David, from an old Buckeye. I had a port right from the beginning as do most of the people who go to my oncology clinic. I cannot imagine receiving chemo or having blood drawn through my peripheral veins. I was told I had 6-12 months and have passed the six month time frame five months ago. I received just one course of Gemzar/Cisplatin and later a chemoembolization directly to the left lobe of my liver. One of the things I did was have a liver and onions dinner the day of my chemo and my blood counts stayed stable. My white count did drop and I received Neupogen twice during my treatment with good response and none of the bone pain that I was told would occur. I hope that you will recover your energy rapidly from the treatments because staying active with something you enjoy really helps.
    I wish you the best.


    David, what you are learning about life now should go for everyone, not just Cc patients. It would be a kinder world. I will take chocolate with marshmallow sauce!


    I want to thank all of you for understanding. Everything you all have said from being in control of your life to not so much really hits home for me. I am the one that should be taking care of my family and now well….

    I hate being gumpy. Not really in my nature. The first go around really made me evalulate my life. Not taking things so seriously, live life to the fullest, etc.

    I told my managers today. They support my fight 100%. So my job is one less thing I have to worry about. Tomorrow, I will team my team members. I am bringing in ice cream cake. Should take the sting off a little. Ice cream always makes things a little better :-)

    Thanks again for all your support. Today has been a little tough on me


    David- I am a cc survivor and have been dealing with this for 2 years. I finally am not living and breathing it but I still use the “cancer card” for my somewhat short behavior sometime. Don’t waste your time being worried about being testy, you have every right to. Until you walk a mile in someones shoes, you never really understand. Hopefully our loved ones will never have to!!


    David…I agree with the others. Fighting this disease brings with it a wide range of emotions including, being edgy. This is a good place to let go of your frustrations. We understand (and, we agree.)
    Best wishes,


    Grouchy visits at our house too. So much out of control and so many unknowns. Hang in there. We’re all human and love overlooks a multitude. Blessings, Susan


    David, My Mom is grouchy too! She has always been in control of her life, doing everything for herself, Making her own decisions about everything, very independent and now she is depending on me. I take her to the Dr appts., I give her her meds, I cook, clean, do laundry, take care of bills and all life things. In other words, she is the child and I am the adult and she has gone into this kicking and dragging her feet! What a change for a person AND you have to fight for your life too! Now that is a problem. No wonder you patients are grouchy, I would me a screaming-meemie if I had so much taken from me and still had to battle on. Go ahead and pitch one from time to time and don’t apologize for it. You don’t have to be Godzilla, but I do understand it is not a picnic. Take care and try to give yourself a break you are human.


    Hi David – just wanted to let you know that Dad got a bit (and sometimes more then a bit) cranky when he first started chemo as well. I think the biggest part of it was that it was a bit scary to see such a different attitude in someone usually so positive. All it took was for someone to tell him to make him realize it and it hasn’t happened as much since (although we really do try to understand when it DOES happen). You have a lot on your plate, and have just as much a right to have your “moments” as the rest of us do!!

    I hope the chemo helps and you are able to beat this monster a second time. Thoughts and prayers going out to you and your family!



    Listen up, David! We don’t expect you to be on your good behavior all the time.
    When my Morph man snaps, he apologizes right after and I just tell him if I was on the Morph he is I probably would have totally snapped weeks ago. And don’t we always take things out on those we are closest to? Personally I think a little snap show some spirit! Wishing for you to keep feeling a little better.

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