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    Thanks Jeff,
    Yeah I’m not jumping to the cancer conclusion right away. It’s just with the history it makes you really worry. He’s had so much radiation I don’t know if that would even be an option if it was cancer. My Dad went through that last fall – it was tough. A 30 minute surgery sounds better!! Take care and continue to enjoy your summer. Mary (PS- no chemo for 18 months , just Xeloda then)


    Hi Mary… Personally I have not heard of cc mets to the prostate not saying it’s not possible. I would be liening more to a separate prostate disease. It is known that us mature gentalmen can develope different prostate problems. In most cases a pill to reduce the enlargement. I have researched prostate cancer and mostly all cases is cureable and more quickly and easily curable the ealier found and dealt with. There was on the news the other night a young college student was Dx with prosate cancer and just made a place in the olympics. He was told surgery sooner would be in his best interest but the yough man is determine to go for the Gold. All I could think of is I wish I could make that decsion so easily. Mary I don’t remember if your hubby is doing any chemo or not? As I can tell you my prostate is continually enlarged with a high PSA due to side effects of chemo. It has been for 3 years plus now. Now I do know that prostate cancer can and does mets to lungs and brain, well look at Lance armtsrong. That’s what happens when you prolong treatment. Wish you guys the best and get that prostate problem looked in to. My brother had problems last year and one 30 minute out patient surgery took care of it. I can’t remember what the procedure was called but it took care of the problem. My Brother called it a mans menopause thing. I just replied okay..

    God bless You Guys!
    Jeff G.


    Has anyone heard of CC metastasizing to the prostate? My husband’s PSA numbers have been going up fairly rapidly since January. He’s scheduled to see a Urologist on Aug 14. I hate waiting that long. I’ve never read anywhere about CC going to the prostate. Anyone else? Thanks, Mary

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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