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    Dear Honeez, Vent away, that is why we are here. I can only go by my husbands experience and about 2 X a year he would get a blood infection. Horrible chills, spiked fever 101 -1 02. I always took him in to ER by ambulance. His blood pressure had dropped also. They would give him Levaquin in an IV and keep him about 4 days. I don’t feel Dad should have been sent home. A blood culture should be taken and sometimes that can take a few days to get results on. The blood infections seem to just come with the territory. Dark urine could be from the infection but I would notify the ONC. Has the ONC given any kind of prognosis? How much Morphine is he on and is it holding the pain at bay? I am getting an impression here tht there isnot a lot of communication. How old is Dad? I know there are stronger Anti Biotics they can try but I really think Dad should be in the Hosptal. Please keep us posted!


    So the latest update on my dad….it’s been 6 and half weeks since plastic stent was placed. He did 10 rounds of radiation for the tumor on his t-1. He had his first session of chemo Gemzar/Cisplatin – 2 weeks in a row for 4-5 hours each Wednesday. So far no nausea but VERY weak & tired. Zero appetite, has lost 35 lbs since mid January. His biggest problem seems to be the night sweats, some nights soaking through 6 t-shirts!! I believe this is making him very dehydrated adding to his weakness. His urine is VERY dark! He has passed out twice and his blood pressure dropped to 80 over 60 last Tuesday. This was his off week of chemo but dr had him go in for infusion of liquids etc. took him home but he still seemed weak tired very little food intake. Last night my mom called around 9:45 pm saying his fever had spiked again it was over 102.7 we called Dr & they said to take him to ER but he was do weak he couldn’t stand without collapsing so we called 911. Long story short they took more blood labs, hooked him up to IV again for more fluids and also stronger antibiotics. He takes both cipro & flagyl by pill form but they gave him stronger dose in IV. By the time we got home it was 4 in the morning and he still is very weak, tired not much food intake. What we are trying to figure out is all this a result of the cancer? The chemo? The stent ? The medicines? Or all if the above?? I read these posts religiously and my dad seems so weak compared to many who are still able to work etc. Is his cancer just progressing that much faster? We know he has mets in his spine & lungs, his CA 19-9 tumor marker was 2346 but other than the fevers and weakness he has no jaundice itching or pain in his stomach area. he does still have pain from the tumor on the spine which he takes morphine for. is it even worth putting him through chemo? The saddest part is both he & my mom don’t realize the severity of this cancer, my mom keeps referencing when the chemo cures it they will do this & that…..none of us kids have the heart to tell her differently. She wants only positive thoughts around them ugh this is just so very frustrating, I’m sorry for the long post…. Just needed to vent a bit :/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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