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    Information about dietary carbohydrates if your are interested.
    Two medical term definition below will help understanding this message more.

    1.Glycemic Index(GI)- of a food depends on how fast the digestion and absorption of its dietary carbohydrates, which in turn determined by the chemical and physical of the food itself. foods like pasta,whole-grain barley,oats and rye have a slow rate of digestion and therefore a lower GI. Examples:Potato,white rice,white bread ,fruit punch,cola pancake candy and french fries have a higher GI. Skim milk,apple,in general,fruits and vegetables with higher fiber content provide low GI per serving.

    2.Glycemic Load (GL) is define as the product of the GI value (the quality)of a food and its carbohydrate content( the quantity),GL incorporates both the quality and quantity of the carbohydrates consumed as compare to GI only account for the quality value only .It is because the blood glucose is influenced by both the quantity and the quality of the food a person eats at a specific time.

    -there are no good evidence that replacing high fructose corn syrup with sucrose will have any health benefit.

    -it is said that a lower GI diet may improve glycemic control to the same extent as newer pharmacological agents.

    -To get to a lower dietary (glycemic load (GL):
    1. replace carb with protein like fish,nuts,and poultry.
    2. replace carb with fat like mono and polyunsaturated fats.
    3. substitute a low-GI carb(ie:eat an apple)for a high GI carb.(ie:fruit punch)
    4. combine all the above 3 methods.
    God bless.

    Dietary carbohydrates-Literature review by uptodate.com through Jan,2012 .


    The reason why a lot of vegetables are more beneficial for health LIGHTLY cooked is that then it´s easier for the body to absorb it.

    In “The cancer-fighting kitchen” it´s mentioned that mango is specially good against gallbladder-cancer. Maybe we can apply that to cc as well?
    Found this on pubmed.



    Here is a little hint I just got from a friend. Sometimes things are right in front of our eyes and we don’t see them. I am an avid Iced Tea drinker. Instead of even Stevia or etc I now mash some strawberries and put those in. They sweeten and flavor. You could really use any fruit! See, you can teach an old dog new tricks!


    I too would recommend the “Anti-Cancer Book” by David Servan-Schreiber. He really gets into nutrition. Your sister needs fruits in her diet, but not processed sugars (white and brown sugar). I use Agave and Stevia on my husband’s cereal and in his tea. I have also heard that vegetables should be cooked! I really don’t know exactly why, maybe due to the difficulty of digesting a raw diet or due to toxins?? You were right that berries are particularly important in fighting cancer. What is specific to CC? I don’t know, but I have had my husband on a low glycemic-index diet with as much organic foods as possible. He seems to be responding well, I pray!


    thank you to everyone for your advice. i have been telling my sister everything everyone is writing me. thank you eli. i am going to pass this article along to my sister.


    A short article by Dr. Servan-Schreiber, the author of AntiCancer book.

    He was adamant about the harmful effects of processed sugars. Here he says that sugar in fruit is okay.

    Does the sugar in fruit feed cancer?


    Processed sugar isn´t good for anybody, cancer or not.

    Fruit and berrys have been shown to contain a lot of cancer-fighting stuff!

    What is shown is that high insulin levels and IGF (insulin growth factor) stimulates tumors to grow. They also stimulate the dreaded inflammation of tissues that helps cancers and other diseases to develope.
    There are a lot of scientific publications on this subject, to be found on pubmed for example.


    And, if I may add, keep up the protein intake especially while undergoing Chemotherapy treatments.


    I would say she should eat a healthy diet. And vegetables and fruits are definitely a part of that. One thing she should start doing as her blood levels fall is make sure her veggies and fruits are CLEAN! Wash them thoroughly. Get paranoid about it. In other words, wash the knife when cutting cantaloupe, onions, anything with a skin. And wash them first before cutting.
    I’m still paranoid even tho I’ve had 3 months since chemo ended. My bloods are in the normal range but haven’t gotten very high. I still wash all my fruits and veggies, even going so far as to throw out grapes that come out of the bag unattached. You never know what germs can get in that little hole.
    I’m paranoid, but healthy, and want to keep it that way.
    As for the sugars, maybe eating ice cream is a “no-no”. But she needs a healthy diet and her strength more than anything.


    You are right to be concerned. I think your sister’s nutritionist is misguided.

    Cancer cells consume glucose from the blood supply. It’s true they do it at a higher rate than normal cells. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to “starve” cancer cells by eliminating sugars from the diet.

    I read an article, written by an MD, that explained it this way:

    Our bodies are very good at keeping blood sugar levels at a fairly constant levels (except for diabetics). A person can go on a hunger strike, yet his blood sugar level will stay in the normal range until he is fairly close to dying from starvation.

    Please tell your sister to listen to her oncologist and eat a varied, healthy diet.


    Sally, I am not a believer, never have been. My daughter’s boyfriend had been in remission with Lymphoma and he has spent about 50,000 with a Naturalpathic doctor andafter 2 years of taking her suppplements and a Vitamin C IV monthly it has returned. Actually not only did the original return but a secondary type has popped up. I agree with the ONC, just eat a nice healthy diet as right now the strength and energy is of utmost importance. It all comes down I guess to what one believes in but not sure there are really any reports that these diets really work. I may just not know enough about them. I would think raw vegetables would be hard on the digestive system as it seems to get affected by CC. Like I say, we try to follow our gut feelings. For CC patients the first person I would listen to would be the ONC.


    my sister went to a nutritionist a few weeks ago who told her to stop eating anything with sugar including fruits. she should only eat raw vegetables, fish, and some lean meats. i know it is said that cancer feeds off sugar but i believe that is true for processed sugars. blueberries, strawberries for example are suppossed to be cancer fighters and they contain sugar. she is starting chemo again and i am concerned about the diet she is being told to follow. she believes in this nutritionist so i am having difficulty explaining this to her. her oncologist told her to eat healthy as she needs her strength. he did tell her to avoid supplements that have calcium in them. i was just wondering what everyones thoughts were on this sugar issue.

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