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    Sending tons of positive thoughts and best wishes your way. Thinking of you and Lauren.



    You know my prayers are with Lauren and you and the entire family and friends! Her surgery is during the Jewish Passover and I just know that is a sign that Lauren will be delivered to the promised land of health!!

    Lots of hugs,


    Hi Pam, I will be thinking of you and praying for you all on tuesday. Waiting is so hard, but you are not alone, all of us will be gathered around in spirit that day. Lauren will do great, she is young and strong and in good hands. xox Holly


    Hi pam,

    I have been thinking about you and Lauren and that her surgery must be very soon. I am rooting for her and have everything crossed:-)




    I’m so excited for Lauren to have this surgery and come through with flying colors!!! I will be thinking of you and Lauren on Tuesday. You will be in my prayers along with the surgeon doing the surgery. How long will the surgery take?

    I’ll be waiting to hear the GOOD news as soon as you can get on the computer and let us know!!!

    Peace and health to Lauren!



    My strongest wishes have been and will remain with you and Lauren. I hope we very soon hear CANCER FREE from you! She’s a fighter obviously, that little old tube in her throat is nothing compared to what she’s already beat down! Smile your little girl is going to do great!


    Pam, thinking of you and Lauren and praying for an excellent outcome.


    Prayers and thoughts are with you and your daughter. Natural to be nervous/scared.



    Hi Pam,

    You got it, tons and tons of positive thoughts are coming Laurens way from over here! And everything is crossed for sure as well!! I so hope that it all goes as planned and of course is most successful, and also that the breathing tube is out when Lauren wakes up. From what you have said about the surgery that Dr S told you, that seems like a good plan to me. And you know that you have to keep us all updated on everything!

    Hugs to you and Lauren,



    will be thinking of you, Pamela, Lauren and your family!
    Sending you loads of positive thoughts your way.



    Lots of prayers for Lauren and your family. Please keep us posted. I know she will do great.

    Take care,



    Oh, Pam, PRAYERS, PRAYERS, PRAYERS! I am jumpin out of my skin with excitement and anticipation and my biggst wish for Lauren is that God come through the Surgeon’s Hands! I just know we will be in the first announcement you make that all was successful. Sending you both a Mt. Everest of LOVE! Why the Mount? Because I know Lauren will master the surgery as if it was a mole hill!


    The day we thought would never come is almost here. Lauren, my 27 year old daughter, will have part 1 of a 2 part resection on Tues. 3/26 at University of Michigan Hospital. We saw Dr. Sonnenday a couple of weeks ago and he might try a different surgical approach if he thinks it is possible once he looks around. Instead of doing the smaller surgery first, he would do the big surgery first where he would split the liver and leave both sides inside Lauren. They will tie off the right side so that it shrinks way down. After 7-10 days in the hospital, they will go back in and remove the right side. I don’t really understand the reasoning of doing it that way, but Dr. S says that it is advantageous in that the 2nd surgery can be so soon rather than having to wait 6 weeks for the original way he was planning on doing it. This way cancer won’t have time to spread since Lauren has not been on chemo for some time. Dr. S said this surgery has only been done about 50 times in the US, more in South America. If her surgeon wasn’t Dr. Sonnenday, I would be very nervous. I am nervous just a little, but U of M and all the doctors couldn’t be better. Lauren is not nervous for the surgery. She is just scared about the breathing tube, which hopefully will be out when she wakes up. Please pray that Lauren has a great outcome from the surgery and also pray for Dr. Sonnenday and his wonderful team. I will keep you all updated. We will be leaving for Michigan on Monday.

    Love and hugs to all,

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