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    I agree. Although, both of these studies are considered “observational non- randomized controlled studies” nevertheless, they are addressing this cancer, raising awareness and hopefully bringing us closer to a cure of this disease.


    All research is encouraging. Just seeing Cholangio listed in studies more often is a boost. Having said that so much more education of the medical community is necessary to have them think about using a test that may provide early detection. The fact that it is such a rare disease contibutes to making it traditionally difficult to diagnos.
    This is where the Cholangiocarcinoma foundation comes in. Hopefully, with the support of everyone here and others, we will be able to raise awareness in the medical community to begin taking advantage of the tools and research on Cholangio that is/will become available.
    My unabashed pitch for today.



    Thanks for posting that – I’m very heartened to see the article about a new marker to detect this cancer early – it’s so important. Hopefully it will become widely used.


    From today’s news filter a couple of items of interest.

    First some findings that radiatin following surgery for CC can improve results:

    and more on a marker that identify CC in early stages.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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