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    Dear Hollie,

    So sorry your Aunt could not have the resection…but do not give up hope and research. My husband was offered nothing but pallitive treatment and we kept trying different avenues. As well as the CC he too had been dx with Cirrhosis and also has Hepititis. He has been getting Cyberknife therapy with some success and we keep searching for other therapies. I know the unbearable pain you are feeling. I pray for Sophie, your and your family.


    Thanks so much to everyone who has sent us good thoughts and wishes for my Aunt. I am a 7 hour drive away from her so it is especially hard being so far away when you want to be there and can not due to life in general. It really has been a hard day, as the joy of being considered for the resection is gone. I am going to encourage her to get a second opinion like Joyce said. From what this current doctor has said a liver transplant is not an option and has not given any further information on any possible treatment plan. My Aunt is like a Mother to me and the pain of this has been unbearable at times. The tears keep coming. I pray for healing for my AUnt and all of you battling this cancer and your families. Thank you so much for the loving support and advise. I will stay in touch for my Aunt if she is not up to posting. Hollie


    Dear Holly,
    So Sorry to hear the sad news about the outcome of today’s surgery – it must have been very difficult for you to write us with this. I just want to say that you should not give up hope, however. Many people are given 1st opinions as to what can be done that are very dire, and subsequently find a Doctor who will offer a more hopeful treatment plan. Ny husband was turned down at Mayo for a resection and given a VERY bad prognosis. he is to get his resection at the University of Pittsburgh next Tuesday – the 15th, so, you see, 2nd opinions are very valuable. We will keep Sophie, and her daughter, in our thoughts and prayers.



    So sorry, Holly, to hear your sad news. The exact same thing happened with my sister. We were so hopeful that the operation would give her hope and then it seems to be dashed so forcefully and irrevocably. It must be a sad day for you and your family and I send you my thoughts and hopes. Belle.


    Dear Hollie,
    So sorry to hear about the outcome of surgery for your Aunt Sophie, and thank you for sharing the information with us. It seems to confirm what had been told that only during surgery the true extent of the disease can be determined. Hoping for your Aunt to be recovering quickly and for another strategy to come about.
    Thinking of you and your family and sending tons of love your way.


    Thanks so much for letting us know about your Aunts surgery resullts. I’m sure it was not easy to digest this bad news and post. Is there any hope of possible transplant or was that a no as well? Tell Sophie my prayers and support are with her and hope an alternative might be available like a transplant maybe?
    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Hello everyone. I am very sorry and sad to report that my Aunt Sophie was unable to receive the surgery. The doctors found her situation to be a lot more severe once they went to do the procedure. My Aunt has not only the cc liver cancer, but now they find she also has Cirrhosis of the liver. This is quite a shocker to us and we feel an overwhelming sadness. My Aunt is an amazing person and is a single mother to Sarah. Sarah is an only child and has been raised solely by her Mom and is now 30 and pregnant. These are the happiest of times and most miserable of times for her and myself. We are in desperate need of prayers for my Aunt and her family. I so wanted to log on today and have happy news and am feeling lost and scared for what the future holds. This web site has been so great for myself and Aunt. So much heart break but also hope. Thank you all for the support you have offered to my Aunt so far. As far as the new diagnosis goes they will not be able to continue with any treatment at all including chemo. Apparantly this would cause the liver to fail more quickly. I know nothing about this and am very scared and so so sad. My AUnt is only 61 and has never been a drinker. This is just such a shock to us. I know that many of you were praying for a successful surgery and wanted to let you know right away. Thanks again for all the support found here. So many caring people and it makes you feel not so alone with such a horrible battle. I believe in miracles and need one now. God bless to all of you……Hollie My Aunt will be dismissed home tomorrow or the next day from the hospital.

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