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    Thank you for your input. I’ll do my best to keep his immune system well and get him natural anti-oxidants.


    I think the point is that without the bile duct the cancer cannor recur in the bile duct. The question that can’t be answered is whether or not the cancer has been seeded in other places, that are not visible on scans. Cancers in the region of the of the liver are
    particularly difficult, as the liver is involved in so may of the process of the body so spread cancerous cells very rapidly. That is why the chemo is used to kill off any residual cancer cells.

    I would also recommend that you build up the body’s natural defenses with milk thistle, IP-6 (?) omega 3 & 6 and foods high in anti-oxidants.


    Hello Everyone,
    I was forunate to find this wonderful site today. Thanks to the adminstrator and all who contribute.

    I am writing about my 74 year old Dad who underwent surgery last November for his bile duct cancer. We felt very fortunate that he was able to have the bile duct removed and part of his liver. He has clean margins. He is going through chemo therapy at this point. Making him pretty sick and in general very tired. I was reading through his chart the last time I went with him regarding CCC. Is it true that there is just no information out there regarding re-occurrence of this type of cancer? How can it re-occur if the bile duct is removed. These may be stupid questions, but I am curious. There was a note in his chart indicating the chemo therapy only reduced your chance of re-occurrence by 30%…does that makek sense. Any input would be grately appreciated.
    Kindest regards and prayers,

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