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    Lainy..yes. October 16..overnight. I was trying to convince myself I really didn’t need it :), but it’s probably for the best! Thanks so much for asking!
    There have been amazing stories on here….Lisa C., for one, what an amazing spirit!!


    Kathy, sending you best wishes for a successful Hernia repair. A walk in the park comparitvely speaking! Do you have a date scheduled yet?


    Kathy….fantastic news. When we welcome a hernia operation it becomes apparant that life has changed. Congratulations. Good luck on the hernia repair, but then we know already that you are in great hands with Dr. Chote.


    Just got a good news scan today. Diagnosed July 2010, surgery Sept. 29,2010. Will have surgery Next week to repair an incisional hernia, but compared to two years ago and what it could be, I’ll take the hernia! I am definitely blessed and owe my present situation to Dr. Choti at Johns Hopkins. He is the best. And his nurse Eden is a close second! A great team!


    My husband Ron just went for his 5 year check-up and got a great report — still cancer free. We now will only be going for a yearly check-up for bloodwork. His CA199 was 9. When he was first diagnosed, his score was 1,200. We truly feel blessed and are enjoying life to the fullest.



    1 year scan confirmed I’m still cancer free!! Surgery was 9/14/11 and everything is going great So far…


    My dad is going on 21 months since diagnosis and doing GREAT!! He is taking a break from chemo right now. He goes back in November for another PET scan and they will go from there again.The ONLY symptoms he had has been from the chemo!! He has been working on finishing his 46 Ford Coupe!! I feel so BLESSED to have him doing so well and know that the prayers have been working. IN YOUR FACE CANCER!!!!!


    OMGOSH as I live and breathe, the other half of the Bob and Donna team! I have been thinking about you and wondering how you have been doing and I am most pleased to know you are doing well! Thank you so much for your update and give Donna a hug for me! Keep up the good work!


    Ah, Bob….how did you know that we were awaiting your posting on this site?
    Many thanks and hugs,


    As of Dec 18, I will be marking 16 years of being cancer free. It’s not been without a few bumps – I’m still having some liver infection issues – but my life is so good most of the time that I can barely stand it. May God bless all of you with cause for hope…



    30 months now, still healthy and strong, still shrinking tumors after 37 rounds of chemo.
    Still cancer without disease.


    2 years, 9 months, 4 days, 10 hours since my Whipple 12/15/2009 and CC cancer free.



    Hi-I am 3 years 3 months and 20 days cancer FREE!!! but who’s counting!!
    Thank you God, 2 strangers, and Dr. William Chapman for today.
    Lots of prayers-Cathy


    My daughter, Lauren just celebrated her one year on Aug. 29th. She is so brave and is fighting so hard to overcome this disease.


    I’m at 22 months and was waiting for some kind of surgery. My doc says I’m sick but I refuse to believe him. The surgeon just told me there will never be a resection, BUT…
    I had stereotactic radiation and the cancer cells are barely more active than “normal” cells! It’s the best thing I could have heard. They will wake up “one day” but I’m hoping for years!

Viewing 15 posts - 211 through 225 (of 228 total)
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