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    I was on a Phase II clinical trial for Tarceva (then known as OSI 774) from May 2002 through Nov 2003. The results were immediate. The first CT Scan showed several spots had disappeared and others had not increased. The Tarceva (one pill a day) stabilized the growth until Nov. the following year. Since this is a targeted drug (growth receptor blocker), side effects were minimal. I had upper body rash. Mild diarrhea, easily controlled by immodium, pretty significant dry eyes, and, uniquely a number of shallow but very painful ingrown toenails — which went away two weeks after I stopped treatment. It was the “easiest” chemo I’ve been on.


    My Husband has been on Tarceva for two months. Has had no new side effects.
    He had 40 treatments of xl119 /5FU study first and was pretty exhausted going
    into Tarceva. He had a CT scan today but we will not get the results until 11/22.

    He was diganosed 10/10/05 with Cholangiocarcinoma Bile duct that spread to liver and then spread to the Lung in July 06 so had to come off the Clinical Study He had
    5 to 10% shrinkage in May on the xl119 5FU but then found out it had spread to the lung in July o6.

    We had a choice of Tarceva or Cisplatin and Gemcitabine, hoping for less
    side effects we went with the Tarceva.


    Ditto marions’ suggestion. I highly recommend second, third, and even fourth opinions. There is no established course of treatment here, and you’re ultimately in control. It’s best to have an abundance of information so you can make an informed decision. Some surgeons will shy away from operating, while others will proceed. It’s worth looking into further. Your current surgeon may very well be correct, but something this rare warrants multiple consults.


    Hello Seasheller,
    My husband has been receiving treatment at the James Cancer Hospital, part of the OSU Medical Center in Columbus since June. They tried surgery but were unable to do the resection because the tumor was slightly too big. He has undergone 5 weeks of radiation therapy along with chemo and had brachytherapy 1 1/2 weeks ago. They are hoping they can do the surgery successfully by the first of the year if the brachytherapy has good results. I have been very happy with the care he has received there. Where I live, south of Cleveland ,everyone recommends going east to Pittsburgh or west to Columbus.I do think we will go over to Pittsburgh(UPMC) for a second opinion before he has the surgery again at Columbus. They seem to have one of the best programs in our area. You may want to check with them. My husband feels pretty good between treatments but has had several infections that have drained him. The treatments themselves have had few side effects.Good Luck!


    Hi seasheller,
    I would recommend you gather more opinions from other places in re: to surgery. We always request records of anything for our personal use including Ct scans. This allows us to mail copies as requested to other doctors without all the hassle. This site has answered many questions for us and it continues to be of great value to us. I hope it will do the same for you. It is wonderful to hear that your husband feels well.
    Best to the both of you


    My husband was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in Sept. We have been on a roller coaster trying to come up with the best direction for treatment. Surgery at Cleveland Clinic was ruled out because of the size of the tumor (6cm.) and location. Right now, he has no symptoms and looks well. Are there many people who don’t show symptoms like this and we’re wondering how long he could go on like this?



    I am on Gemzar and Xeloda and it seems to be working quite well, but I have a scan next week, so we’ll see.

    I am approved to have Avastin added if necessary, so we may start that later, but in the mean time, the Xeloda seems to be working just fine. We don’t really think the Gemzar is doing that much, but since this combo seems to be working, we’re sticking with it.

    I have to run. Gotta leave to go to chemo.



    Val McCrea was on Tarceva and still may be, you can also check the profiles to see who has been on this before and who is currently taking it. I think there are several.



    Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for getting back to me. My husband is doing Avastin and Oxaliplatin and Gemcitabine, he had 30% shrinkage after five treatments. The doctor has mentioned Tarceva but I have read people have not had good results. What chemo are you doing right now? Are you doing a clinical trial? I have read about how well you have been doing. My husband has such a positive attitude and I know that has alot to do with how you feel. I look forward to talking again.



    Dear Susan-

    I have a friend with pancreatic cancer who has done really well with Tarceva. There was also another person in the discussion group on this website who said he’d used Tarceva as well. I don’t know the side effects, but there is a clinical trial for Avastin and Tarceva being offered at many sites in the US including the Mayo Clinics, but you can’t have been on chemo previously. You should be able to find the trial at clincaltrials.gov.

    -Caroline Stoufer


    Has anyone out there tried Tarceva? If so, what are the side effects?


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