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    Yeah, I check my pee everytime too, because it really is an indication of what is going on inside. I was telling my oncologist it was dark for a month before I got really sick and had to be hospitalized.


    I think that ANYONE who has ever had a high bilirubin level checks their pee whenever they go! I know I’m always asking my hubby Tom what color his pee is! Also the color of the poo as well. I worry if it’s white (cause no bile is getting into his intestines) and give a sigh of relief when it’s not white (cause that means that some bile is getting through! Currently his bilirubin is 22.7 (down from 24.7) so his pee is dark brown….looks very strange to say the least and requires that I clean the toilet a lot more! (more work for the weary)

    I’ve found that Bleach will take the bile stain and the dark colored urine stains out of white underwear! We have a bucket of bleach water and all the stained white clothing goes into the bucket to get the stain out! Works wonders!

    Go with God and KEEP KICKIN’ that cancer.



    Hi Kris (and everyone!),

    I admit it. I’m a pee (and poo) checker. When I first got sick, the one really weird thing I remember is my pee was flourescent yellow. At that time, it was actually due to my gallbladder, but I still always check. I think I am still waiting for it to happen again, but this time I would know what was causing it, and it would not be my gallbaldder (since it’s “Gone With The Liver”). But I am super glad yours was due to the toilet water color…something to remember!

    I think about you all the time.


    Hi Kris,

    My dad had a very similar experience when he was in the hospital for the first time. He had a drain back in at the time so it was easier for him to sit on the toilet. When he came to flush, he saw the horrendous colour and told the nurses, so they checked it the next time he had to go. The result came back as normal and then the nurses realised what had happened! They all had a good laugh about it!

    Best wishes



    Hey Kris, you are truly a pee pee Goddess!


    I thought you were the poop expert! hahahaha!

    Love ya, Kris.


    Oh Kris……..I will be watching out for that little deodorizer in the toilets.
    I am glad that you found the answer so quickly.
    Are you still in the U.S?
    Best wishes,


    I ALWAYS look after a trip to the bathroom hoping to not see the signs of the jaundice returning. Yesterday, I had quite a worry. I had very dark urine in the morning which I tried to chaulk up to dehydration. Then we had dinner at my friends house and i used the bathroom there. My urine practically glowed it was so bright. I was so worried and almost in tears. I stared at it for a long time. Then I flushed. You guessed it. They had that blue dye in their toilette that made my urine turn bright. I was only dehydrated earlier. Moral of story…you can find cc everywhere if you are so worried and looking for it. I need to relax on the toilet examinations.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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