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    Hi Tiah,

    Just another message to you to echoing everyone’s words. Take your time and remember that you are allowed to be sad/mad/indifferent… Having all those feelings of nervousness is completely normal. I hope you find some peace when you go back to work and when at home. I hope those beautiful memories of your mother give you comfort and help you along this new journey in life.

    Sending you many positive thoughts and prayers,




    I too know how it feels and totally understand your need to grieve in your own way. Thanks for being a part of our awesome, supportive community. Hoping to hear from you some time in the future, when you are ready.




    You have been busy being the supportive caregiver for a long time . Now it is time for you to grieve and begin to take care of yourself again. It won’t be easy, but in time you will find your new normal and also in time your memories of your mom with be of happy times. I hope that your dad and sister will be of comfort to you. Take care of yourself.



    Tiah…..Grieving is a tough process and yet you took the time to say good by to us and for that I thank you. Know that we will miss you, but more than anything we wish for your heart to heal, one day at a time.

    Tons of love and hugs are heading your way



    Tiah… will be hard, I know. I was in your shoes many years ago when my dad died of cancer. I didn’t have to go back into a work enviornment where he spent his last days (that boggles my mind), but we had just sold our house the night his cancer was diagnosed and he died 4 days later. I was sick myself with an infection that hit my brain, but as soon as that subsided, I had to dig into our house and get it all packed to move to a rental house while our new home was being built. Husband went on a fishing trip…and it was all up to me to get done….which included getting the construction loan set up and final plans and decisions on the new house. I had no time to grieve. It was months later, after we had moved into the new house, that one day, it happened…..I started crying and couldn’t stop. What I am saying….is let yourself take time to grieve. Your co-workers will understand…probably more than anybody could…..and if you find you need privacy, there must be a supply or cleaning closet you can dash into for a few minutes. I hope that you find us back again and share your knowledge and help with others on the boards. Until then….May God hold you in his arms and give you comfort.



    Thank you so much for sharing Tiah! You are incredible! Take your time to grieve, and always keep the great memories for she will always be with you. I know it is tough!

    “One daughter of a mom with CC to another”


    Dear wonderful Cholangiocarcinoma family,

    As many of you know my dear mum passed away from locally advanced cholangiocarcinoma on April 27, 2017. We had her funeral 2 days ago, it was a beautiful service that she truly deserved.

    I am preparing to go back to work however I am truly nervous, anxious, scared. Her final 2 weeks were spent in the hospital I work at, however we were fortunate to bring her home for 1 day before she passed. Most of my day to day work will be a reminder of her at her worst.

    I am very lost. My mum was my best friend. I wake up in the mornings, my dad has left for work and she’s not there making a cup of tea for us both. It’s going to take some time. I need to cope myself and also support my dad and my sister. My partner works away, and I only see him weekends which is also quite tough as he provides tremendous support.

    I want you to know that I appreciate how much this board has offered in support and advice to me throughout the past 2 years. In saying that, I need some time to grieve. In time, I will be back – to help and offer support to those like myself who have been faced with this terrible disease. I would love to see there be more of a presence of this foundation in Australia and would like to help in guiding that some day. This disease is so terribly isolating and unfortunately there aren’t many of us – so it’s important to come together.


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