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    I am bringing this topic up for discussion purposes. I am curious as to everyone’s view of the importance of nutrition in dealing with cholangiocarcinoma .
    I am not sure I will even present this question the right way…but I’ll try. How important is diet and nutrition in dealing with this disease?

    When we found out my wife had ICC, like many of you, I quickly started researching this cancer as well as cancer in general. Fortunately for us, I found this site and now use it as my first source of information.

    What we also learned was there was an incredible amount of information focused on the importance of nutrition. And just like the medical/oncology arena, there are so many and different views as to the effect of nutrition.

    There is a view that suggests you can eat anything as long as you have protein and calories. There is an equal counter view that suggests eat only healthy, organic, non-processed foods. And much like the medicinal view, I believe there are advocates for each option.

    Sorry this is long, but with that as background, I would truly like to understand what others have done to help their battle with this disease. For us, we have started to follow the program that suggests healthy, non-processed foods. That still leaves an incredible diet consisting of high value veggies and fruits, along with fish and chicken for protein. No red meat. No processed foods. No sugars except those found in fruits, etc.

    We believe this change in diet has helped greatly. I feel that eliminating all processed foods (and their toxicity) has helped by reducing the body’s effort to eliminate these toxins. i.e. reduce the activity of the liver so it can focus on dealing with chemo and cancer…and nothing more.

    We have read and support the book:, Anti-cancer A new way of life, The cancer fighting kitchen, Healing the Gerson way (but not truly following that approach).

    I (we) believe the change in nutrition is a factor in Lynn’s improvement. I also believe medicine (chemo) is a factor. And believe attitude and desire is the most important factor. It is the combination of these three factors, not one alone, that makes the positive impact.



Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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