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    I am sending good luck vibes to you!! Please keep us posted and know that we are praying for you also!!

    Smiles through tears,


    That all sounds very good. Even though this turns one’s world upside down and inside out it is somewhat comforting to at least know you have a plan. We will be sending good luck and prayers your way. Please keep us posted.


    Hello. Since I was diagnosed with CC the Oncologist’s “Plan of Attack” (my words not his) has changed. Initially I started chemo, Gemzar, in Jan. The regimen was 1 treatment per week for 3 weeks then a week off. There were no major side effects, although I did start to become anemic during the Feb. cycle, crit down to 31% vprc. At the beginning of Feb. I was referred to a Radiation Oncologist at Wilmot Cancer Center at Strong Memorial Hosp in Rochester, NY. He posed that I undergo tomotherapy. I also was referred to a Surgical Oncologist at Wilmot. His proposal was to resect my liver. My tumors are almost totally within the right lobe. I feel that this is the best option. My Oncologist agrees.
    Resection is an involved process. This Wednesday 3/11, I will have a volumetric CT scan to update the CC’s progress and provide a baseline. Next Wed. I will undergo an embolization of my right portal vein. This will somewhat starve the right lobe but it’s primary purpose is to promote growth in my left lobe. After about 2 months, 5/6, I will have a followup volumetric CT. If there has been sufficient growth of healthy liver tissue in the left lobe I will have the resection surgery on 5/18. Recovery is expected to take 6 weeks or so.
    At the present time I am still healthy enough to work full time. I am an electronic technician for the US Postal Service. I have lost 5 more pounds, 25 total since Aug 2008. I will keep updating this thread as time allows. I would also like to say that I find each and every story on this site very moving and pray for all. Peace.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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