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    We will have some “helps” for those who want to do local fundraisers which will be on the website soon. Our first newsletter (coming soon), will be spotlighting one of these efforts in particular and we will continue to post success in that area.

    I think the New Year is going to bring wonderful things for this community!



    A big THANK YOU to Stacie, Rick and everyone involved in this site.
    My wish is that I could have had time when Alan became ill to find this site.
    However, the help I have gained from coming here has been so immense,
    and finally now I am able to allow others to see my beautiful son.
    I would be so lost without this site and all of you special hardworking people.
    I take my hat of to you all God Bless love and light Alan’s mom


    Stacie, Sara and Rick……. You have been Santa’s little elves all year long! Much gratitude from us all ! Now, we need to get on the stick with donations and local funds raisers. Is there any particular do or dont’s? I’m ready just as soon as the New Year kicks in, but don’t want to do anything that is a no no.
    Bless Ya Guys!
    Jeff G.


    Ditto—big time. I would be lost without this site.



    I echo everything Marion said – she said it all. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


    Please, accept my gratitude for your consistent commitment to this site. You give selflessly of yourself by spending countless hours in the quest of trying to achieve a goal beneficial to all of us who have been touched by CC. It could not have happened without you. You have my sincere admiration.



    The first three months after Mark (my brother) was diagnosed I burst into tears many times as I had so completely immersed myself in research on his behalf that exhaustion, frustration and a desperate need to provide him with some hope often overtook me.

    When Rick and I decided to do the discussion board, it was out of a need for us to connect with other families and patients that were suffering as we were, in the hope that perhaps we could find ways to share research and general information so that the burden could be spread and the load lightened.

    The intent for this website was two-fold, that no one, having received a diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma would have to feel alone and overwhelmed. And that we could gather all of the pertinent information and research into one place. That being said, we certainly won’t be able to cover everything, and we will all still feel alone and overwhelmed at times, but we’ve made a good start and there is much more to come.

    Both of those things have come to fruition and now we have additional goals as well, they are much bigger then any of us thought possible but I have no doubt that they will happen.

    I wanted to thank everyone who has worked tirelessly on this project, especially Rick and Sara. The three of us are bonded for life over this labor of love.

    Want you to know that as new updates and information sections come on-line we will put a post on the website so that you can check them out and feel free to give your suggestions.

    Much love to you all

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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