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    scragots — So happy for you to have a wonderful oncologist/surgeon who has “given you back your life”! It’s rare to find an oncologist who is also a surgeon, so it seems. How fortunate you are!!
    God bless you with many happy and healthy days ahead. ~~ Jean (seasheller)


    I have to add my two cents here, finally. I have been blessed with a fantastic oncologist. I fell into her lap thru a referral from a GI I met only once during the time we were finding out what my liver problems were (intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, stage 2, 6×5 cm tumor). The GI offered little realistic hope, but told us he would refer me down to IU Medical Center at IUPUI in Indianapolis in the hopes that they could help me. The moment I met my oncologist was the moment she walked into the room and immediately told me


    I had the biggest disappointment in my life after my husband was admitted to the hospital. We had both an internist and an oncologist that we really liked so much — they were always so kind and caring. It was hard for me to believe that neither one of them showed up at the hospital in the 8 days that my husband was there. They were each in a GROUP with 3 other doctors who were not familiar with my husband or case. Just writing about it now makes me both mad and sad. I guess in the long run, it’s all about money because the bills came in for their short visits in the room — nothing under $200.00 or so a visit. I know they need their time off, but where is there compassion and dedication to their patients?? I will find it very difficult to go back to Florida and return to our internist for my personal check up. I haven’t seen or talked to the man since he admitted my husband.
    I would have been comforted by a call from him to express his sympathy — maybe I’m expecting too much. Blessings to all, Jean


    I wonder if this is the trial you are refering to:

    5FU has been used for a number of years against CC, I hope (we always hope), will come up with a breakthrough.


    Dr. Allan Hemming, Shands hospital of Gainesville Florida is an expert surgeon with much success in the surgery of this cancer – google him – or google Shands to find out about him…

    It was too late for him to help us as my Aunt’s cancer was advanced and she had complication (septic infections and died of them) but even though he has little ‘bedside’ manner in the way of most surgeons he is excellent –

    Also there is a study going on at the University of South Floirda in a treatment trial with new drug that zeroes into the idea that charbohydrates esaserbates this cancer -can’t think of the website now (terrible shock at my Aunt dying two days ago) but will post it later –


    I too have had the great good fortune of having a team of good doctors who have helped me along the way. It isn’t all luck. I searched out Doctors who were willing to work with me and my goals. I now have a PC, a Chinese medicine practitioner, a GI/liver doc, an oncologist and of course the surgeon who gave me the time I now have. Wonderful human beings as well as good Doctors. These people talk to me and are willing to consider my opinions and questions, answer my phone calls and emails (I try to be very conscious not to abuse this) and have provided sound medical advice.
    Can’t ask for more.

    I agree that this is a perfect ‘good news’ thread.



    Thanks so much for saying this, Bill. Now reading your post I see I was thinking along the same lines in the post I just made a couple of minutes ago in the other thread. I was kind of long winded, I know, but it was all to express what you say here about the value of a good physician, one you trust to know the intricacies of your illness and your person.


    I love your post, especially since I’ve had my share of HORRIBLE experiences with doctors – I think we should move it to the “good news” section so everyone can get a lift from it. It’s great to hear about positive outcomes and positive doctors. May things continue to go well for you and your wife (and your doctor!)


    What a nice post to read, esoecially having recently read Lisa-Ann’s!
    When my Mum was in hospital in Greece, the language barrier was such a problem. But I had ONE doctor who, although his English was rather limited, took time out to have a coffee with me, and explain as much as he could to me about what was happening with my Mum. His kindness made all the difference. I will always have a place in my heart for that man. The lives of our loved ones are in the hands of these people, and having a Doctor that shows some kindness makes ALL the difference!
    Three cheers for Dr.Bloom!


    A common theme in many of the posts I read is that people are looking for a doctor or are dissatisfied with their current one. My wife, Kathleen, has a great oncologist and he has made it so much easier for her these past five years. Dr. Bloom is obviously an intelligent man but he is also not afraid to say “I don’t know”. We like that. He is very compassionate and funny so Kathleen always leaves his office with a smile.

    There are good doctors out there and I encourage those who have not found one to keep looking. The most important thing for Kathleen was finding someone who she could relate to and who was caring and trustworthy. Finding that person has made a huge difference for her.


    P.S. We were shocked to find out this week that Dr. Bloom just had successful surgery for colon cancer that was discovered during a routine colonoscopy. I think Kathleen is more concerned about him than herself.

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