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    Lainy, it has been a pleasure getting to know you on line. Despite the awful circumstances that bring many of to this site, this community is full of amazingly generous and caring people, and you are one of the superstars. You are always so positive and have a knack for finding the silver lining, and your sense of humor always makes me smile. Thank you for welcoming me when I first joined this community, and for all the guidance, encouragement and support you have provided to so many.

    I wish you much joy in all your adventures.




    Lainy, I haven’t been in here very often as thankfully my husband has been doing well for the past three years since his resection.
    I just wanted to wish you well and thank you for being there for me and so many others during our darkest hours.
    I very much enjoyed chatting with you about the spiritual aspects of life and I pray that you continue to experience light and love as you go forward in your journey.
    Angels be with you Lainy. God bless you.
    Melinda Aldrian


    Lainy you have positively affected so many people, and we are all so lucky to have met you, even if only online. Your light, your humour and your optimism helped to make this board what it is today. Love you Lainy, all the very best, you are going to be SO missed!



    Dearest Lainy,

    You will be missed by so many. I have loved reading your posts through the years. I am so thankful that I got to finally meet you in person in SLC this past February.
    All the best in health and happiness to you, sweet lady.
    Hugs from New Hampshire,



    I haven’t been on this site for very long, but I appreciate you always taking the time to post positive and helpful feedback. We all love and adore you;) I wish you the absolute best but selfishly want you to please change your mind;)



    Beautiful poem, Shelley….says it all for all of us.



    Mary: It was such a pleasure meeting you at the Conference, you are one great lady. Thank you for the post and my greatest wish would be that everyone I have met either in person or on this Board be healed! Wouldn’t that be something!

    Marion: Thank you for teaching this ‘ole gal, I have learned so much from you and all your hard work to make CC a “household name”. I love that you still remember our first meeting and how T reeled in the Doctors! I am so very proud to call you friend. I swear to relax now and have fun but would love to see you do the same. Like I always say life is for the living. I wish you the very best along with my love to you.

    Catherine: I remember when you came aboard and wonder where these years have gone. I know that to be a care giver one goes through a lot of rough spots and my dear got a double dosage. Hope your Mom keeps doing well and wish you and your family the very best.

    Darla: My fellow Wisconsinite, we were not to far apart either with our husbands journeys. Please root for the Packers on here to counter Gavin’s Bears! Take care and enjoy your life!

    Tia: Thank you so very much. I remember when you came aboard too and not that long ago you were so scared like all of us were but look at you now, a real Pro! Good job and also wish you the very best.

    Julie: You know, Sissy, I am always around for you. What would I do without those “LATE” emails at night? Makes getting up so often pleasurable! LOL I found my self with you like 2 peas in a pod. Must have been related in another life. Thank you for your beautiful comments.

    Gavin: You know your Momma is not going to leave you, I am always here just an email away. I am living for the day that my Son from another Mum visits my abode. Yes, we will blether and have a cuppa. Also Kisses to your Mum.

    Pat: It was so fun and a real honor to meet you at the conference. Mel says hi too. We just have fun and he keeps me very busy. My wish for you is to keep on keeping on and stay as good as you feel right now. I will become a lurker so will not be far away. Thank you too.



    Although I do not post much since AL passed, I still read posts daily. I was sad to read that you will be cutting back. I understand how you feel though. I thought since you always had a kind word or poem, that I would tell you how we all feel about you in a poem.

    Saying goodbye
    Is the hardest thing to do
    We never thought we would
    Especially to you

    You always listened
    And knew what to say
    Knew when to give a hug
    When we were having a bad day

    Noone will ever take your place
    We can always promise you this
    It’s hard to find someone like you
    So know you’ll always be missed

    God bless you Lainy.

    Best wishes,
    Shellina (AKA Shelley)


    Lainy, our dear Lainy, where will we be without our upbeat cheerleader at the door? I loved meeting you and Mel in Salt Lake, and I hope you and Mel live your lives together and focus on doing all you wish to do together, life is for the living dear Lainy, go live and think about other things than the c word. You have been a beacon of information and hope for so many, and we will have to watch the introductions more closely in your absence. I am sorry to see you go, yet I hope you have time for the pursuit of happier things. Be well dear Lainy, Pat


    Evening Momma Lainy,

    Wow! So did not expect to see this news from you tonight when I logged in here. To say that you will be missed would be a huge understatement and a statement of the obvious as well. You know where we all are so you better drop in every now and again for a blether and a cuppa.

    The contribution and help that you have given to a ton of people worldwide is massive and I know how much that means to every single one of them. I know how much personally you helped me when I came here and know that that will have been the same for everyone else as well.

    You gut instinct 101 served you and T well for all these years and if your gut is telling you that it is time to move on now, put your feet up and all of that then I can get on board with that one. 10 years is a long time indeed and look how much your family has grown in that time. My utmost thanks to you for all that you have given us here and I will say it one more time, you better drop in every now and again or there will be trouble!

    Love ya loads,



    Lainy, my dear friend … much as I hate CC…..without that diagnosis, I would never have met you and become the best of friends. So, at least something good has come from having CC. You have listened to my fears in the middle of the night through our emails and given me hope. I love you with all my heart. You will be missed on the boards, but I know that God has other plans for you and you will touch the lives of others as you have here.

    You “sis”, Julie


    I am so sorry to see you go, and even though we did not have an opportunity to meet, you will be missed. It is with tremendous thanks that you served on this board and offered incredible assistance to the CC community. We need big hearted people like you.
    I wish you the best in anything you do.

    Thank you!



    Your wit & wisdom will be greatly missed, but your decision is totally understandable. Will look forward to hearing from you now & then when you check back in. Wishing you the best.



    Dear Lainy,

    You will be terribly missed but I am also excited for you . Your caring and beautiful heart came through every post. I know how welcome you made me feel when I first found the board, and your poems have helped us in times of sorrow.

    We will be looking forward to you checking in and letting us know how you are.

    Best wishes for health and happiness,



    Dear Lainy,

    Is it possible for me to reject your resignation?

    You dedicated yourself to this community and expected nothing in return.
    You provided guidance to thousands in the US and abroad.
    You helped make this board the most visited place for the foundation
    You tirelessly cheered, probed, advised and consoled
    You mended many broken hearts
    You write the most beloved Poems
    Your undeniable sense of humor is infectious and brought many smiles to our faces
    You answered many private e-mails and advised behind the scene
    You talked about this cancer with everyone you came in contact with. Not sure all were eager to understand, but your charm and conviction changed the attitude of many.
    Due to your diligence many physician’s offices present the biliary book to their cholangiocarcinoma patients
    You have the most positive attitude of anyone I have come in contact with
    Your have the most admirable personality – I want to be like you

    I vividly remember the first time we met in person at the Society of Surgical Oncology Conference in Phoenix nearly 10 years ago. You and Teddy committed to help out with the CCF foundation exhibit. Your presence made all the difference, physicians eagerly engaged with Teddy and you. What a memorable event this was!

    Your 10 year commitment to this cause and the patient’s worldwide had enormous affect on us all.

    Enjoy your life, dear Lainy, and please pop in once in a while. We will be looking for you.

    Hugs and love


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