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    hi serap,

    any news on the treatment at tongren?


    I believe there is a clinical trial being conducted at NCI using the p53 protein. I couldn’t qualify because of systemic matastisis and they require a measurable tumor. Others here would qualify, at least on that condition. They do accept CC patients.


    I have no idea if this is connected, but I spoke to my Mum in Greece yesterday, and 2 people had come to her and said “WOW! We saw an amazing programme on TV last night about a new treatement, that has so far been used only in China and Japan…..”.
    Well one of the people, the man who manages the land where my Mums caravan is sited, promptly dashed off to the olive trees, picked a load of the leaves, liqudized them and told her to drink it!! The treatment was something to do with olive leaves! It was all a bit garbled, but I thought I would mention this anyway, as SOMEONE may have a clue what they are talking about! I will try to find out more when I go to Greece this week!


    i have found the website


    hi jules
    my aunt has a surgery last week and the pathology was cholangiocarcinoma.. which many doctors said that there is nothinh much to do about it.. we have to try the cemo but it is not a solution as well..Than we start searching and found about this treatment in china.It is about the gen thearpy and effective on many cancer types.And the doctor who found about this is specialist on is about the p53 gen.We have send our reports to him and he replied that we can go.. and we are on the 2nd stage and we dont have any metastas so far.. so we will definatly ty this.You can take this treatment with cemo.. so dont have anything to loose..and if you have a tumor there is a method hifu which makes the tumor smaller.. One of our friends tried that and the 9 cm.tumor was 4 cm after the hifu.. So they make this treatment with so many other alternatives including cemo if needed..
    You can search and get more information about this on internet searching gendicine.. and tongren hospital.. The name of the doctor is Dr.Qi Xiaodong e mail

    Ofcourse the onkologs dont accept this treatment but it is very common in china now in 130 hospitals.. and the china goverment is supporting this treatment and do not let this go out of the country..It takes 8 weeks ,one injection every week.. Donot have side effects at all .. and it is about 20.000 usd.including everything..

    Worth to try for us.. if i learn more i will let you know..
    take care



    I have not come across this and would be very interested to learn more.. I have never heard anything as optimistic as 64% before.. what is gendicine? (sounds a bit like gemcitabine) good luck, let us know of what you find out, sorry cannot be of help, jules


    we are searching a method in china.Prof: Qi Xiaodong
    e mail is

    It is about the gen p53.. they can stop the cancer they believe %64 of the patients recovered.
    We have send our reports to that hospital and today i got the answer they are waiting for us…

    There is the dr.Qui Niu he is liver cancer specialist.They are using a medicene Gendicine.Still thinking about it,anybody knows anything please replay to me..

    Thank you..

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