Tumor is AFP producing – maybe have combined HCC and ICC??

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    Hi Christine,

    I too had intrahepatic primary cholangiocarcinoma with high levels of afp.

    When I was diagnosed in May last year my account levels were 8000. I had 8 lesions on my liver. I started on Folfrinox for 7 cycles, after that my afp went down to 2. I had a ct pet scan that came out normal and all the lesions either shrank or disappear. They performed a laparotomy for a partial liver resection and removed all the tumors in necrosis that were in my liver plus my gallbladder. After that I did 12 more cycles of Gemzar and cisplatin. In January all my blood test and ct pet, magnetic 3D resonance came out all normal. A month later in February my Afp started to rise again, did new exams ( images ) and no lesions present. Now the doctors are analyzing why my ago is rising even tho I have no lesions !

    I hope your treatment works for you. Keep positive and keep on going ;)




    My high AFP numbers have always been “curious” to my ONC and recently they have really shot up :-( Finally have someone admitting that maybe I have HCC instead of ICC or, more likely, have a combination of both.

    I did some searching on the discussion topics and found a few mentions of this possibility from a few years back.

    Anyone else out there have this issue? Did you treat it any differently?

    I am starting FULFIRI on Monday after Gem/Cis, Gem/Ox and Xeloda didn’t slow things down.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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