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    Hi, NotDoneYet,
    Your move to have another opinion from the Maryland trial holds the most opportunity for a cure was the best move I thought so too even the results was not what you wanted. However, Miracles do happen and I will pray for you with my whole heart and my feeling as being a parent too. Xeloda works for me so far after 12 month treatment and I still on it. I hope it can duplicate the result to your son.
    God bless
    P.S. The effect of the following juice is not proven but is widely believed it contains a lot of antioxidants among others to help our body in the defense .
    Use a “magic bullet” cup machine , in the cup provided by the machine; put the following in it.(all of the ingredients should be fresh unless otherwise)
    1. 2-3 slices of a big green bell peeper.
    2. half to 1 stalk of big celery.
    3. 1/2 to 1 stalk of Kale.
    4. 1/4-1/2 of a green cucumber.
    5. a few slice of a green apple.
    and proportionally you can adjust each quantity to make half or one full cup after you get the hang of it; you, yourself can drank it too in the morning as a breakfast drink.it is called the “5 green” juice in the Asian community. Also you can add, in my opinion.
    6. a handful of wild or blue berries and a handful of walnut or almond nut powders to the “5 green” juice to increase the antioxidant and protein content for energy.


    Dear NotDoneYet you have done anything and everything a Mother/Caregiver can do and you are right again in your attitude now. This is now the time to make many happy memories and how can your son miss with all that love surrounding him. It is a bittersweet journey but eventually the sweet will outweigh the bitter. My prayers go out to all of you and all I can say is you are an awesome family! You never know how strong you are until “strong” is the only choice you have!


    Good Morning, I needed to let you all know the status of my sons fight. It has been a very challenging week. The CARBO/Gem did not work and his scans last Friday showed an all around 1 CC of growth. What took 5 months to shrink took 5 weeks to recover its lost ground. He is now on oral Zeloda and numerous naturopath support vitamins and herbs. He is doing very well all considered.
    Dr. Kato’s office phoned on Tuesday am. They quietly informed me he is not a candidate for surgery. This makes five surgeons throughout the USA who have told me “no surgery”. We were told to seek clinical trials, as more chemo is just not palatable , we checked in with Melinda here on this site. She lead us right where we wanted to be. We, as a family, do believe the Maryland trial holds the most opportunity for a cure. The CTCA overnighted all of his records to MD. Within 24 hours they kindly and compassionately informed me my son would not survive long enough to complete the six week culture production time necessary.
    He is up walking, driving, talking and engaged at this time. Now that we know the signs of the disease progression we are able to see the slight changes as his tumors expand the cavity surrounding his liver. His liver has a few large tumors and many small ones “too numerous to count”. His pain level is increasing daily. This is being controlled mostly with methadone & oxycodone. He is using marijuana and it is keeping his appetite healthy which is keeping his strength up. He is eating less everyday as his stomach shrinks.
    We, as a family, are all here. His brother has come home from school, his girlfriend who would be his wife if this had not happened, has moved in and all our dogs are here. Whether the Zeloda works or not, we are together and happy. We are surrounding him now while he is still well enough to “play” and we will stay with him for the remainder of this journey.
    I wrote this to help anyone else who may need it. We are good, happy and strong (the strength thing seems to come and go). There is a silver lining to this disease in the midst of the wrenching heartache. Every breath and moment is sweeter then it has ever been in my 52 years.
    I hope all of you have beautiful healthy happy winter holidays.

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