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    Charlene, I’m sorry to hear all the run-a round you had and I can see why you should be somewhat distrustful of the doctors judgement. I have had chemo for over three years. Yes it can help slow growth and reduce size, but and I say but sometimes that don’t work for some people. It is a very selective and individual results for people. For a doctor to simply say it would not help at all is way out there. Also I have had radiation on three different tumors and it reduced and stopped the growth of those particular tumors and relieved me of considerable pain. 3-D conformal radiation was use each time. Radiation is highly effective in fighting tumors/cancer. The only problem with cc is it is considered systemic and can mets/pop-up anywhere. If you can get radiation to them whether internally or externally in my opinion you will benefit as long as it does not interfere with any major arteries/ blood supply/flow that would affect the heart or brain. Chemo can help the systemic part to what extent who knows? But to much chemo will have a cumulative effect of your viens and arteies like scaring and hardening. I think it is called something like thrombosis. So you need to make a personal choice on how long to do chemo as a few oncologist will keep pumping it to you as long as your still walking. It’s the cumulative that sneaks up on you. Other alternatives can help the mind and body as well in my opinion. Boils down to individual choices that are not by any means easy to make. Charlene, I’m glad you have change oncologist and I pray that John fights this thing for a long time. Oh! Charlene, John hit the nail on the head when said your love is the best medicine he can get.

    God Bless,
    Jeff G.


    Hi again,

    When john was first dx’d we were sent to Los Angeles to Dr. Ian Renner for stent placement. After his liver started to drain and he started to lose his jaundice, the Dr. did a regemin of Photo Dynamic therepy and internal radiation.
    You can check these out on the internet.

    He had to return every 3-6 months for stent replacement. Then the Dr. reccomended we get him in hospice. He was there for about 6 months and for no reason I know of he went into remission. That was in March of this year. Oh by the way he had a titanium stent put in due to Dr. trying to cut down on infections which he got EVERYTIME they changed his plastic stents.

    After being released from hospice in March he had no treatments at all. He never had chemo because his Dr. said it wouldn’t help at all so why torture him for no reson? The only thing he did do was eat ice cream everyday lol. His Dr. knew he was dying so told him to do and eat whatever he wanted.

    John just told me to tell you that he wants you to know his best meds he had was me. Knowing that the love and support I gave him everyday is what keeps him going.

    I’m very distrustful of the Drs. now. I think they lied and discharged him from hospice because it was taking him to long to die!!

    He’s always had discomfort due to the stent but then the pain was increasing daily and when he got sick in sept. that’s when they discoverd the 6 tumors.

    Now he’s seeing an oncologist who swears that this chemo will NOT kill the cancer but will give him time, maybe years.

    I hope this helps you. If you need to know anything else just ask. I’ll try to help. I’m staying home with John now and check this forum almost everyday.

    Good luck,



    What treatments has he been doing? Has he done any alternative treatments in addition?
    When he was “all clear” did he continue to do anything during that time?



    In my husbands case he was dx’d in Feb. 2005 and had treatments. He has been doing well off and on since then But no new growths.

    March he was told he was in remission, no cancer markers in his blood and all his levels were normal. Three weeks ago he started vomiting and we went to the hospital.
    They ordered a ct because his blood values were through the roof and they found 6 new tumors some the size of walnuts.

    This is just him. Others on here have had very slow growth. I’m amazed John has lasted this long, his Drs. originally gave him 18 months and it’s been 31 so far.

    Good luck,


    I don’t know if it’s the genes that I inherited through my dad but I have been reading probably too much about CC and to no one’s surprise I am quite frustrated.

    One common thing I find is that the studies and average populations are sparse and most data seems to be statistically vague.

    Since my dad will be getting a new scan in about 3 weeks I’m already obsessing about potential progression and growth. So far things have progressed reasonably slowly but he has deteriorated quite a bit and his last chemo hit him very hard. He has continued to have decent bloodwork and his only major symptoms are fatigue and mild stomach aches. As I’ve posted before, he has lung mets but his abdominal area was clean.

    I am truly concerned that the next CT will show major progression and lots of bad stuff. Maybe this is just me being a pessimist and hoping that if things are stable or have little progression I will find some relief.

    Anyway, my question is – in general – what kind of progression have you experienced CT from CT? I know it’s a very generic question but I would rather hear from people directly than read another nameless/facelss study from a research center or university.

    I really appreciate everyone’s patience for my questions and warm insights and recommendations.

    Thank you and best of luck to everyone.

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