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    Hi BGulmas,

    I don’t have much information to offer about your very interesting question, regretfully.  There are quite a few clinical trials in process around the world looking into the idea of a cancer vaccine.   They seem to be concentrated around more common cancers, however.  You can look at them by searching “cancer” and “vaccine” on

    The other thread I am aware of is there is a bit of speculation in the medical literature that a very late recurrence after resection points to a possibility of a new, second incidence of the same cancer, rather than a reactivation of the original cancer.  This line of thought suggests that the original causing factor for cholangiocarcinoma had never resolved and became a factor in a later new appearance of the cancer.  Problem is, however, that the causes of cholangiocarcinoma are not yet very well understood for most patients.  Many of us have no known risk factors.  This makes it difficult to know exactly what behavior to avoid or change after diagnosis.  My impression is most cancer patients wisely attempt to adopt a more healthy lifestyle after diagnosis, and certainly there is a lot of good information out there on healthier diets, stress reduction and exercise for cancer patients.

    Any dietary changes, supplements or other alternatives being considered should be discussed first with the patient’s doctors to be sure they are not harmful or have potential to interfere with cancer treatments.

    Regards, Mary


    I ve read her book. years ago she pointed that immune system deficiency is the cause of cancer. Tumor is the result of the cancer not cause of it. So removing the tumor doesnt mean you are eliminating the cause but the result… She suggest special vaccines helping the enpower immune system.

    are there any studies following her ideas ?

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