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    Hey Jules, thinking of you and waiting with you for my results this past week. So happy to hear you mother is feeling better on chemo. Hang in there, friend! Holly


    Hi Jules,
    Praying for good results .


    Counting down with you too. Waiting is the hardest part. SO much waiting, and we all understand. I am glad she is tolerating the treatment well. Keep us posted. Blessings.


    Jules….fingers are crossed for the best news to come your way. I am counting the days right along with you.


    Hi Jules, what ever the waiting is for CC is not easy on those who have no patience. And with CC I doubt anyone is patient and rightly so. I keep saying CC is only for the strong. The only time I ever heard of immediate response is at MDA, Houston and MDA here in Phoenix tells one the next day. Best wishes!


    Hi Jules,

    My fingers are crossed too for your mum and some shrinkage here! I remember the waiting too with my dad, much grrr to that but that is something that we all go through with all of this. That’s great that your mum is doing much better now that she is doing the chemo and my fingers are crossed too that that continues to go well for her. Stay positive.

    My best wishes to you and your mum,



    Good thoughts and prayers for some wonderful news!! And, unfortunately, waiting a week is not as uncommon as you think. While at Sloan Kettering, I almost always waited at least 5 days.
    Keep positive thoughts that the news is gonna be great, and TRY not to stress while you wait.


    I haven’t posted on here in a while but i’ve been checking in regularly to see how everyone is getting on. I just thought that I’d post an update on my mum, who, to recap, has stage 4 intrahepatic CC, with a (debatable) met to her adrenal gland – nobody agrees as to whether it’s cancerous or not!

    Mum has now completed round four of Gem/Cis and is tolerating it pretty well – a little bit of hair loss (though she has A LOT of hair to lose!) and the odd day of fatigue. She had an MRI yesterday to see whether the chemo is doing the trick, and now we have a whole WEEK of waiting for the results (damn NHS!).

    So much is riding on these results. We have one surgeon who feels that the tumour may be removable if it shrinks a little, another who says there’s no chance of resection, another who feels that there are mets to the adrenals and an Oncologist who is sitting on the fence.

    Our fingers are so tightly crossed for shrinkage and I’ll keep you all posted. Whatever the case, she’s certainly doing a lot better now she’s on chemo, and we’re very thankful for that.

    Best wishes to all.

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