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    Thanks a bunch. He’s on lasix 40 mg twice a day. I will ask more questions tomorrow. He will try to do something around the house and tires easy. We can’t go shopping. Or walk much without him wearing out. Im worried and scared but trying to have faith in all this Again thank you.


    Elevating the legs, massages from the toes upwards to the knees may help with any discomfort from the swelling. (I used to do this with my husband Tom when his feet and legs swelled) Compression stocking can also help (Walmart for about $20)

    Also some medications can also help as Marion mentioned. Paracentesis is a simple procedure for fluid in the abdomen but your husbands doctor would have to order it.

    ASK QUESTIONS! Your husbands doctors should be able to answer them.



    Theresa….The physicians at Vanderbilt are quite experienced with this cancer. You should not hesitate to ask questions in order to receive valid information. I gather that you husband has ascities which is an increased amount of fluid between abdominal structures. As Percy has mentioned, raising your husband’s legs will help decrease his discomfort. Abdominal Paracentesis can be performed and diuretics may be of help. Of course, only your physician will be able to determine the treatments of best help to your husband.
    Hang in there, Theresa and please, keep us posted.


    I do not know how honest that I can be of help to your husband’s case.
    The swelling can be easily be managed by Lasix and Aldactone ; or to relieve discomfort,just put the feets up when sitting down. I assumed the doctor will regularly take care of the fluid build up in the abdominal area by paracentesis.
    At this point,to be honest,there isn’t anything that chemotherapy can really help.
    I am not a doctor,so if the oncologist will say he/she can do something for you,then make sure what that mean.
    I will consider the quality of life over the quantity of life in the process of the decision making.
    God bless.


    I’ve taken off work to tend to my husband. He’s seems weaker. There’s swelling.in his legs and feet again. He goes to see the onc. on Thursday. What could this mean? I would appreciate the honesty. I appreciate you-all soo much. I will say an extra prayer for all of you. Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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