What kind of shrooms??

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    Saracita: I joined the CC club after you posted your mushroom question, but here’s what I’ve experienced. I sought advice from the Naturopathic Physician/Cancer specialist at the Life Extension Foundation, and he recommended Versicolor (Coriolus) Mushroom extract. I googled it, and it is advertised as being the number one prescribed treatment for cancer in Japan. So now I take it, along with many other vitamins, minerals, herbals, and other supplements.

    The two best sources of information that I’ve found on supplementation are Jean Carper and her book “Miracle Cures,” and the Life Extension Foundation (and their Naturopathic physicians). Note that both websites sell what they recommend, so they do have a financial interest as well as a medical interest.

    Note: I’m neither a Naturopath nor an Allopathic (regular) physician, just a fellow cancer fighter. Good luck and God bless!


    Sarah….In addition too, mushrooms used to be a daily topic when this discussion board started in 2006. If you would like to read up more, the search function will help you retrieve some of those threads.
    Take care, Sara
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    I read in my fitness magazine some cancer fighting foods are shitake mushrooms, red chiles, broccoli, and garlic. Can’t hurt to eat them right. You never know.


    The “magic” mushroom pills I give my husband are Maitake D-Fraction by Grifon. I give him 4 pills a day. 2 in the AM and 2 in the PM. They supposedly help the immune system and fight liver tumors and help liver function. He has done great so I can’t help but think they work along with other supplements I give him.. Good luck. Mary


    Hi all,

    I have read many posts about people taking mushroom extracts, essences, etc etc. Could I get some information about what mushroom supplements have helped you to fight off cancer?? Dosages and names? Honestly I trust the feedback from folks in this group than what I can find on google.

    Thanks so much,

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