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    My beautiful friend Tee was diagnosed with bile duct cancer on March 1, 2006. She was miserable, yellow and had a very bad rash. She went home to die. Her doctor said to do whatever she wanted, her time was quite limited.

    Now, with the bile drain, she is feeling much better and has asked me to look for her best options for the improbable cure or at least some increased longevity figures.

    About the cancer: Her bile ducts are completely plugged and on March 1 the tumor was 5.5 by 5.2 cm (area not volume?–I remember reading the report). The tumor is in the left lobe of the liver, and Tee has lost a considerable amount of weight since the March diagnosis. She is often tired. She has been in the hospital three times with infections from the drain. She is on pain medication, and eating is sometimes an issue.

    About Tee: She is well loved in our community, and has plenty of support people. She is a southern belle with much grace and we are all pulling for her. She is 61, was in excellent health, and lost her life partner to colon cancer this past fall.

    About me: I teach math–especially statistics, and that is why I am assigned this reseach project. I can handle the facts and figures. I am willing to read, make calls, whatever it takes.

    I had read a few of the postings here in March. But Tee thought she had only 3 – 4 weeks, and she did not want to leave her home. I will continue reading, and I would also appreciate any advise, suggestions, or information. Thank you all!

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