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    I’m so sorry for you and Teddy on your non-surgical news. Even despite this “setback”, you are facing it with tenacity, the will for life and humor! We all gain our strength from those who face this cancer with as much effort as you two do. Thank you so much for all you do.

    Keep up the fight and don’t ever let it get you too far down. My hopes and best wishes go out to both of you. Have a tremendous time with family and friends, and as you said, there will be time to slow down later (hopefully MUCH later!).

    Linda Z.


    I’m devastated by this Teddy news. When I first came on this site, all I read was inspiring notes from Lainy and I always searched this site to find people who matched closer to my husband’s statistics to again, find more inspiring survival stories. I hate this CC,. I do hope that there is a positive twist in all this and you both enjoy life longer and to its fullest.



    So very sorry that Teddy isn’t a candidate for surgery….

    Thinking of you both and wishing you strength as his journey takes another turn off the route planner!!

    Please send Teddy my best wishes,



    I’m sorry to hear the news about Teddy, but you have been through tough times before and come out fighting. I’m hoping for a change to more positive news for both of you.

    Enjoy the break in August……………..Gerry


    Dear Lainy
    I am so sorry to hear this about Teddy. Your story has given me such inspiration. Maybe there will be another twist in the tale as it seems that he has not taken the straight path on the CC journey…..
    My thoughts are with you.


    Oh, but I love the sound of the music you make!


    Lainy: You are a source of support we all treasure, and I know that your Teddy does, too. God bless you and Teddy in facing this challenge. Don’t forget to keep thinking outside the box of chemo-radiation and traditional oncology– though I’m probably preaching to the choir on this one!


    Dear CLKEMPF, I want to thank you for such a kind and positive post, it is greatly appreciated. You have a fabulous attitude and we do still remain realistically optimistic. Our 16th anniversary is in July (he is 78 I am 70 and yes the 2nd time around cannot be beat) and 10 couples want to take us to dinner. We are planning a 2 week trip to Milwaukee in August to see our kids.
    Guess one might say we are getting our house in order but also making plans for the future, if that makes sense. We will be getting a lot of company over the summer to visit Teddy and he LOVES company. Anyone want to visit us? Friends who come here every Thanksgiving have just made this years plans to visit again. So we are going ahead full throttle as there will be time enough to slow down later.
    We are so happy for you to be “expecting” another Grandchild as there is nothing in the world that can compare. All I have to say to you is, “YOU GO GIRL!”


    New to this discussion. But I want to add my 2 cents and tell Teddy you are a brave brave man. YOU do what in your heart feels right. Give your life to Christ and let him be your guide. If you looked at me now you could not tell I am ill either. I am 53, and a bit “fluffy”. My mother has Prayer signs all over the city for me and when I go anywhere they ask me what is wrong because I look so good. I am Stage 4 with a original 3-6 month sentance, I am now going on my 9th-10th month with feeling great. I was told I might not see green grass…. and here it is June! I am on Cisp/genzar and love it. Barely any side effects, thinning of the hair, and a tad bit of nausea 2 days after chemo. I have have enternal radiation 3xs and the tumors are still shrinking. I praise the Lord for all he has given me. Days are gifts now and I try not to take them for granted. Teddy, you go have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, heck go sky diving if you feel like it….. I am going to Sweden this next Fall to see another Grandchild be born, and nothing but death will keep me away. So even if I have poor quality of life at that point…. I will push myself to go…I have (had) red hair (now grey), and a spunky attiutude so I know that is another reason why I am still here….Keep on believing because it’s all we have…. :)


    You’re both in my thoughts and prayers tonight Lainy – you have such amazing energy and help so many on this site – I hope all the positive energy being sent to you from people all over can give you back a bit of what you’ve given all of us at one point or another!

    Enjoy the visits you’ll be having with family and friends – I am sure Teddy will make the best decision about any further treatment, and you will enjoy some quality time and make a whole lot more amazing memories with the miracle man!

    Thinking of you both…



    Lainy and Teddy:

    So sorry to hear the news about ‘Our Miracle Man’, we will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers. No matter what decision Teddy makes on this, it will be the best decision for him.

    Go with God,


    Sorry about the bad news Lainy. I wish there was a miracle now for Teddy but he has done well for a long time and just has to continue to keep fighting! Take care of yourselves and enjoy your friends and family. That’s probably the best treatment for Teddy right now, lot’s of love!! Mary


    I too wish you’d had better news Lainy. You’ll be in my prayers.


    Hi Bazel, Doctors exact words, ” The Chemo will not cure the cancer or shrink it or hold it at bay, but it can be helpful with the effects of the Cancer.” So far I got word from 3 on this site that have heard that as well. We have a very dear friend who is a Doctor of Research at Milwaukee Medical College of Wisconsin and she is polling a few ONCS today just to get some opinions.
    T said he will make his decision after he hears what our ONC has to say. In the meantime my “Hotel” is opening for the summer as Family are going to start visiting almost right away. Take care.



    Like all the others have said, so sorry to hear this news. Can I suggest that you may want to clarify with the Surgeon/Onc whether or not the recommendation to move to Chemo to minimize effects of the cancer – is this to directly impact effects or rather an effort to try and minimize tumor growth and thus the cancer effects and physical complications that may come as a result of changes in the tumor? This may influence the decision making process some.

    Thinking of you both and is you face this current challenge.


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